david-mao-7091Every morning I roll out of bed and onto the floor before the sun gets up. I wake up in time to prevent my alarm from sounding off at 5:30AM and waking up my roommates. “Bixby,” I tell my phone, “set a timer for 10 minutes.”

I set my palms onto the floor and assume a table position with my knees below my hips. I grind my toes into the the carpet and carry my knees off the ground and lift my butt into the air—downward dog. I stretch as far as I can and listen for my ankles to pop. I progress through my morning routine by limbering up and getting my mind ready to tackle the day that lies ahead.

Starting with Positivity

Morning routines are important for setting the tone for the rest of the day. I use yoga and meditation to get my body and mind into the right vibration to accept all challenges with open arms. There are countless productive activities to add to your morning routines and improve mood in the morning. A good morning routine can create an outlook of overcoming the day with positivity. Some activities that I regularly do everyday include:

Meditation eliminates distractions and allows a person to get into the right mood for the day. I meditate for about five minutes a day, as well as use yoga as a time to meditate, to reflect on any morning ideas and release any troublesome thoughts. I also use meditation to relax the muscles in the body and align my back—in yoga, they say you’re only as young as your spine!

Practicing yoga limbers the body and, as I’ve said above, serves as a time to meditate. Yoga is extremely important in my life because it feels like I’m listening to my body when I practice yoga—it’s a concept that’s sort of difficult to grasp unless practiced. When I started practicing yoga, I began becoming aware of ailments and inconsistencies in my body, and started to become proactive with making adjustments for better balance. Needless to say I love yoga.

Journaling helps me get my thoughts on paper and out of my head. I journal to reflect on significant events and look forward to my future. I journal for 10 minutes in a brown Midori traveler’s notebook, making sure to get something written down early in the morning every day right when I get to work. 

Drinking water with lemon cleanses the body and alkalizes the stomach, helping to prepare the digestive system. A good digestive system allows for the body to absorb the nutrients needed for building a strong, healthy body. A healthy digestive system means a better mood and improves the body’s efficiency. I juice half a lemon into a mason jar with 1000 mL of warm water and drink it before eating breakfast.

Exercising in the morning gets the blood flowing right early and bright so that all the multiple functions of the body run with greater efficiency. Running, lifting weights or even going for a short walk can greatly improve mood, mental health, and physical wellbeing. I like to practice basketball when no ones there so I have the entire length of the court all to myself to complete drills and have fun.

Listening to inspirational talks or audiobooks gets the day started with positive thoughts. I like to use the quiet of the morning to focus on listening to TED talks videos, talks with Abraham Hicks, and other self-improvement books and tips that help me stay in a productive and positive mindset. There are hundreds of inspirational videos on YouTube, and once you watch one your feed tends to fill up with tons of other suggestions for similar videos.

Everyone has their own morning routine, whether it’s starting the kettle for a cup of hot tea or listening to their favorite music while they get ready. Cultivating a positive morning in line with your vibration is essential in maintaining a positive outlook on the day and accepting difficulties with confidence.

What’s your morning routine? I’d love if you’d share below!