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Clean Eats

Howdy! Today I am reviewing my loves that enjoy clean eating and an organic lifestyle as much as I do. GREYRESTY’S blog is perfect for tips on food selections and reasons to go organic and/or vegan-friendly. Oh, and did I mention he talks about saving money? Yes! I knew y’all would like that one.

What’s unique about this blog is his abundant knowledge about the dynamics of food. There are facts about produce (such as potatoes and strawberries) that retain more pesticides than others. It’s crucial to look for, and extremely helpful for your grocery list!

In addition, there are several benefits to going organic listed throughout his blog: Fresher breath, healthier skin and a faster recovery from injuries. A vegan-friendly diet is about more than just looking good. It’s about feeling better and living longer. Come on, we all could see the doctor a little less, right?

For my…

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