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Five facts about oats, a staple in any diet

foodiesfeed.com_oatmeal-with-chia-seeds-banana-and-walnutsIt has become a common belief that oats promote a healthy heart, which makes this one of the best foods anyone can implement into their diet. Here are a few facts about this wonderful food that make this a staple in any diet.

One cup of oatmeal contains 150 calories, which is comprised of 3.2g of fat, 27g of carbohydrates, and 6g of protein; these are macronutrients that provide the energy and building blocks the human body needs to stay strong. Eating oatmeal in the morning also helps you stay satiated for longer, which curbs appetite and decreases snacking. For a super packed breakfast, top your oatmeal off with chia seeds and flax seeds.

Oatmeal contains 4g of the fiber consisting of both insoluble and soluble fibers. When mixed with water, soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance that help to control blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol. Insoluble fibers pass through our digestive system without getting broken down, which causes it to (gross alert) scrap your digestive tracts free of any lingering toxins that have gotten caught in the grooves and ridges of the intestines. Oatmeal makes for an excellent digestive system.

While not diet related, an oatmeal bath reduces skin inflammation and heals rashes caused by several varying factors, including poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, insect bites, chicken pox, eczema, rashes, hives, diaper rash, prickly heat, sunburn, pruritic conditions, psoriasis, senile and pediatric dermatoses, xerosis, and epidermolysis bullosa.

One fact that many don’t know is that oats are an aphrodisiac. Oats are believed to promote the release of luteinizing, which is an essential component in producing and releasing sex hormones like testosterone—that also means that oats are great for body builders as well!

The last reason why I love oatmeal so much—it’s cheap! I bought nearly a month’s worth of oatmeal for $5, making this food is both good for your health and your wealth. Flavoring this food is very cheap as well. I generally use a table spoon of brown sugar, cinnamon to taste, and sometimes top it of with cereal for a crunch, but lately haven’t to save some money.

Oatmeal is incredibly versatile and can be made several different ways. While even I couldn’t eat a bowl of just plain ol’ oatmeal, I have no problem eating oatmeal that has been fashioned in all types of ways no matter what time of day. Whether boiling oatmeal and topping it with fruits, baking oats into energy snack bars, or topping off your protein shake, this can be made into an array of different ways to satisfy your taste buds while improving your health.

How do you prepare your oats? Comment below and share your recipe!


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