Those who would travel happily must travel lightI leave to Europe in 2 months. I get to visit Spain, Italy, and France, which has always been a dream. I cannot wait to go.

Planning for the trip isn’t that bad. I’m only staying out there for two weeks, so I only need a week’s worth of clothes that I’ll wash halfway through my trip. I want to fit all my stuff into a backpack, a carry-on duffel bag, and one check-in luggage. I’m not expecting to bring a lot of stuff, just clothing, my laptop, a book, and my camera. I also want to buy an action camera before I leave so I can easily vlog on my trip.

I’m excited. Once I return from my vacation to Europe, I’ll be waiting to start the CELTA course in August to earn a certificate to teach abroad. Just 2 months away from that trip and I’ll be on another plane to Japan. While the trip will be different than the trip to Europe, especially since I’m staying out for a prolonged period of time and planning to work instead of just live on vacation, visiting Japan will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

I’ve become obsessed with traveling. I read an old journal entry from 2011, when I was 21, and I wrote about my desire to travel the world. I guess the goal has come full circle, and I’m ready to start pursuing that original goal to see the world. It won’t be easy. I will struggle. But I’ll live the dream I’ve always wanted.

Traveling to Europe will give me a small taste of the traveling life before I set out for Japan for a year. My goal is to teach in Japan, then move onto another country to teach English as a foreign language to native children. Hopefully, I can earn a modest living out there, get some freelancing gigs as a writer and make a little extra money to save, and once I’ve save enough money, I’ll just quit and travel. That’s the dream

But for now, I’ll be working. I’ll save money. I’ll get rid of all my old stuff and make room for what’s most important, adventures.