Dreaming Of Traveling The US In A Van

memories-are-a-lot-easier-to-carry-than-stuffThe life of “van dwellers” looks intriguing; purchase a tiny home on wheels, trick it out with the bare necessities, and head out for several months up to a few years travelling from city to city, sleeping at Wal-Marts, and experience the life of a modern traveling nomad. I want to do it.Now, don’t expect this blog to turn into a travelling blog over night, because I have debt to pay off and other responsibilities to uphold before I can set out on the open road. This blog will continue, and will always remain, a lifestyle blog. This blog is just me making sense of the world, sharing ideas and inspirations through prose and anecdotes. That being said, I will, however, continue doing what I can to make my dreams into a reality. I want to travel while I’m young.


To make this dream come true, I need to plan accordingly, and then take methodical steps towards my goal. I’ve been looking online, and a project van under $5,000 looks attainable. Once I get the van running, I can explore Southern California and practice the van life for a couple weekends out of the month. That, alone, should be incentive enough to get a van and make it into a home-away-from-home to travel in.

I’m young. This is the best time to make mistakes. By 30, I want to say that I did what I needed to do to make my dreams come true. This looks like a very practical dream. This isn’t dependent on anyone else except my ability to make money, pay off debt, and make things happen. I just need to buy a few things, sell or donate all my crap—like all of it—and downsize into a minimalist.

I still have my trip to Europe in May to save for. I still want to buy a computer. I don’t think I’ll be able to make enough money right away to become debt-free and explore the world anytime soon, but the plan is definitely in the works. I’m doing what I can to increase my income.

What I Need To Do

I need to put away somewhere between $15,000 to $25,000 in a “go-travel” fund, in addition to paying off my student loans. With $25,000 dedicated to travelling, and maybe another $5,000 dedicated to an emergency get-the-heck-outta-dodge fund, I am confident I can set off and live in a van, exploring the United States before I settle into a graduate program, or until I run out of money, whichever comes first

At this point in my life, the van-life looks appealing. With no particular ties to anyone or anything, this could be the best opportunity to plan for this trip like this and go through with it. No one’s stopping me but me. Really, what do I have to lose?

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