2017 Goals, Part 4 of 4

It’s already February, and you’re probably saying, “Resty, you should have posted this a month ago!” which you are probably right about. But here we are, and I still believe in creating and accomplishing goals. So, these are my writing goals for 2017.

Earlier this year, I wrote down 12 goals to accomplish for 2017. I broke them down into four categories: writing, fitness, finance, and miscellaneous. This is the fourth installment of that series, writing. However, since I’m a little late on writing the post about this section, we have the benefit of checking on my progress.

My writing goals include:

  • Blog Consistently (at least 10 posts a month)
  • Read 24 books.
  • Write every day.

Checking on My Progress

Blogging consistently has been difficult. An incredibly busy schedule hinders my ability to dedicate the time I want to my blog. However, whenever I get a chance I try to sneak away to think about things to write about. I have learned a lot so far. Creating a schedule and sticking too it has taught me to develop a method to writing. I also get to apply the knowledge I learned throughout my writing career to producing personal, unique content for my readers. I can confidently say that I’m doing it. I’m living my life as a writer. Even if I don’t hit all my major goals, I value the progress.

Reading 24 books may not seem like that many books to avid readers, but it’s where I need to start. I’m not a fast reader by any means, but I respect the art. I know if I try hard, I can be efficient in reading books quickly, at least much more quickly than I can now. Additionally, investing my time towards expanding my mind will earn me progress towards general good nature—at least that’s what I believe. Expanding the mind through books broadens an individual’s experiences, giving them a wider range of perspectives and greater compassion.

Writing everyday has not been easy. I can easily say that I did much better in January than I have done so far in February. I use an application called Mémoires to keep track of my journal entries, so I can see at a glance when I haven’t written in a while. But the goal remains strong. I just need to get back on the wagon and stay motivated. Building the habit of writing everyday encourages the mind to think about writing, making me view the world as only a writer could.

Seeking Success

Success, to me, is writing and reading well enough to sustain a living from it. I don’t necessarily know how I’ll be able to accomplish that, but I practice anyways. I make goals and I perform as best I can. I blog and I work full time as a writer. I am in it. I just need to keep pushing forward.

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