The smallest victories can ignite the inspiration to starts down a path of towards a larger goal. Small victories become the stepping-stones towards success. Small victories are what fuel determination, perseverance, and persistence.

I watched an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he mentioned holding on tightly to small victories, because these victories are what get people back into the gym day in and day out. He related it to the gym, of course, and his experience with bodybuilding, politics, and his life. I related the quote to my life. These small victories get me over the hump of a rut and spark the flame to work out harder than ever before, both in and out of the gym.

Small victories get me through the day-to-day life, the 6AM to 3AM workday, then the 3PM to 5PM workout, and then the 5PM to 8PM study sessions. The satisfaction of completing a piece of work, a workout, or learning something new keeps fuel in the tank. The accomplishment that I’ve progressed starts me in the direction towards the next small victory. It’s the snowball effect of small victories that eventually turns into a major win at the end of the season.

Writing a blog post is a victory. Completing tasks are victories. Running a mile, or two, or three, is a victory. I lift heavier than I have and accomplish more goals than ever. All of these things are little victories I take with me every day, compounding like interest.

Small victories keep me inspired to stay vegan. Every time I reach satiety from whole, plant-based foods, I feel satisfied about what I had done, like I just accomplished another difficult task and survived another day. I tell myself, “Good job,” and get ready to find the next meal, to achieve the next small victory

It’s a domino effect—the keystone habit. Little victories start a person down a path of gems, finding hidden victories along a path undiscovered. Little victories build confidence and bolster strength, speed, and wit.

Like building a house brick by brick. Laying down the first brick may be daunting, discouraging even, but; lay down the second brick, and you find yourself reaching for the third. You visualize the house, but all you see are the three bricks. So you grab a fourth. Little victories are the building blocks to success, the stepping-stones to rising to the next platform.

When you fail to accomplish a small victory, don’t feel discouraged. You still have the previous victory. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t forget that we all struggle. The challenge is supposed to be hard. You’re supposed to sweat. It’s supposed to hurt. Life isn’t supposed to be easy. When life is too easy, people begin taking things for granted. Small victories ensure that you’ve earned what you’ve been given in life, and no one can take that away from you.

Small victories are important in life. It’s the fuel that gets you to the next gas station, the inspiration to complete the next rep, to run the extra mile. These small victories add up into a large life of victories. Eventually, these small victories make up a big win.

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