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Visiting North Hollywood, Enjoying the City

Blog #008

I visited LA for the weekend. I hung out at my dad’s house in Reseda. I just wanted to get away from Menifee.

As much as I like my job, I don’t like to be in Menifee. There’s not much for me in Menifee that I couldn’t get somewhere else. I don’t hang out with friends and I don’t go anywhere; I just go to work, go to the gym, sleep at my parent’s house, and repeat. I sometimes go to the Starbucks on Haun and Newport every other week, but I usually end up feeling guilty spending $6 on a latte that adds an additional 500 unnecessary calories to my diet, so I’m convinced drinking lattes are not the wisest decisions, but I do love it. I’m a homebody.

But I don’t like to be at my parent’s house. I want to move out, but I haven’t saved enough money—I don’t think I make enough money right now to do that comfortably. Maybe if I earn an additional $500/mo from what I’m earning now, I can move out comfortably—maybe $1000/mo? I have to take into account food, bills, and just overall living expenses. $1000/mo is a big chunk of money. So, unless I earn a promotion, change jobs, or find another source of income, I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

I want to pay off my Student loans, earn more money per pay period, and better manage my own life before moving out for good. I want to do it properly this time so I don’t fall into a situation like I did last time—needing to find any job and a qualified roommate to pay the bills or move out—obviously, I’ve done the latter.


I like coming up to visit my dad because there’s more life in LA. I hate the traffic, but the people, restaurants, and shops make it a nice place to be. Not everyone’s polite, and many people scowl at the idea of talking to a stranger, but I’ve met incredibly interesting people I would not have met living anywhere else in the world. I respect all walks of life because I’ve been fortunate to live a well-rounded life. Between growing up in Southern California and travelling to the places I’ve been, I’ve learned to be grateful for the things I have.

Visiting my dad gets me away from my secluded life in Menifee. I just don’t like the type of people living there sometimes. The city is so widely spread out, there’s not a lot of culture happening. The bottom line is Menifee doesn’t have what I want.

I like visiting LA because I enjoy the city more than anything. The fact my dad has HBO, sports channels, a small basketball court (that took nearly 6 hours to assemble yesterday—you’re welcome, dad), a Ping-Pong table, and practically any movie streaming is also an added benefit. But truthfully, I like to eat out at restaurants I’ve never heard of, drink boba with my little brother, Russell, and go to different places I’ve never been—now that I mention it, I should take more advantage of living in the city.


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  1. I visited LA last summer for the first time and I loved it!

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