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A Trip to San Jose Sparks Wanderlust

Spending a weekend away from work and clearing my mind

Over the weekend, I traveled to San Jose with my older brother, my sister-in-law, and my cousin. I had an awesome weekend exploring around the city I stayed at, spending time with family and getting away from work. Four days was not enough to explore everything I’d like to have explored, but it was enough to revitalize my love for traveling.

We stayed in a room on the fourth floor at the Fairmont. The room fitted two beds and featured a view of the San Jose Museum of Art and a series of palm trees wrapped in Christmas lights that lit up into a lightshow at night. My younger brother, who goes to school in San Francisco State, came down to spend the night in our room as well. It was nice to have the boys I grew up with together again.img_0726

Our first day in San Jose, my cousin and younger brother left to another part of town to film a wedding, so they were at a different part of the city. My older brother, my sister-in-law, and I walked down the streets of San Jose. We discovered Phil’s Coffee and spent an hour sitting on a table outside the cafe enjoying their signature mint mojito. We watched the city. Students on their way to class passed through the streets riding bikes and skateboards and carrying backpacks full books. People sitting at other tables with laptops in front of them type and chat among friends. The warm weather and cool breeze felt lovely.

By late afternoon, we had have already gone back to the hotel, eaten lunch, and to our disappointment heard that game two of the MLB NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals had been cancelled. I managed to sneak a cardio workout at the hotel gym, dribbling a weighted ball and running on the treadmill for 20 minutes, before we walked the streets again.

img_0757Going back out into the city as the sun began to set, my brother, his wife, and I walked to Muji’s across the street from our hotel. This store was awesome. I loved everything about it—I tell my sister now that it’s my new favorite store. The store sold Japanese inspired minimalistic items that were “brand-less,” like pens, notebooks, and clothing. All the items in the store didn’t have a brand logo stamped anywhere on the products. I bought stationary equipment: pens, monthly planners, pen boxes, and foaming facial cleanser. At the front counter, I picked up a business card and read that Muji’s has a location in Santa Monica, meaning I’ll probably plan a trip out there soon.

As the evening went on, we walked down First street and walked into Soho Market. My brother and his wife order ramen, but they didn’t offer vegetarian ramen so I went to the burger place to order a vegetarian burger for $10. The burger was way over priced, but the chef cooked the burger well, so I couldn’t complain. It made up for the burrito I ordered from Iguana’s the night before that had a piece of meat in my rice and bean burrito—the manager quickly refunded my money after I showed him the product and explained my standing on eating meat.

img_2088On our way back, we took the scenic route down the 1 freeway through Big Sur. We stopped along the coast and walked down to the beach to take a few photos. We also stopped at Bixby Bridge before driving down the 101 for four and a half hours. I arrived home at 1:30AM, needing to wake up early for work the next day.

img_2111I definitely want to start traveling more often. The trip to San Jose set me back on my work at my job, and I ended up getting in trouble from my supervisor for missing a couple assignments, but it was definitely worth it to have lit the fire of the love to travel all over again. Now more than ever do I want to spend the rest of my life seeking knowledge and exploring the world.


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