Coming Back from Holiday in Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro.

IMG_3102I just returned from a two-and-a-half week trip to Mediterranean Europe. I visited Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro all within a very short span of time. My trip was a buffet platter of cultures that gave me a small glimpse into the lives of how others live in that part of the world. The landscape was beautiful, the people welcoming, and the experience insightful. The travel bug bit me pretty hard, and now I can’t wait to share my experience. Continue reading “Coming Back from Holiday in Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro.”

Vacation traveling: connecting flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona

IMG_3104Day 1 & 2

Over these past two days, I travelled from Los Angeles to Barcelona. My family and I are spending a few days near Sigarda Familia at a place called Lodging Apartments before heading out this Thursday on a cruise ship to Italy, France, Montenegro, and Croatia. I am on vacation. Continue reading “Vacation traveling: connecting flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona”

A letter to the friends I have lost

When i think of you, I still love you dearly. 
Though we may not have spoken in a while, and while we may never get a chance to speak to one another again, the memories I’ve shared with you still resonate strongly with me. You are a part of me. The relationship we shared shaped me into the person that I am today. I thank you for that, and, while, unfortunately, our paths have deterred from one another, know that I’ll always have love for you. 


resty g.