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A simple equation to improve performance at anything

lucas-favre-335248.jpgWe all want to perform our best, but we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed and burnt out after having taken on too many tasks. Instead, it’s best to focus on what most important and alternate between steady habits of stress and rest to maximize improvements. Planning focused sessions that alternate between both these simple concepts are the key components to progress, helping those disciplined to follow reach their full potential in physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

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Chia seeds give a handful of benefits, and that’s the skinny!

brenda-godinez-228182As a person that considers himself an athlete, well-balanced superfoods easily find their way into my grocery list. Chia seeds are by far one of the healthiest foods to add to anyone’s daily diet because of its macronutrient profile. It’s one of the most nutrient-packed plant-based food that can improve a person’s diet with only just a few teaspoons. Here’s how chia seeds have gotten its name as a “superfood” and how you can add this food to your diet.

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Popped my knee and waiting for my diagnosis

success-dhamala-407968Throughout life, we meet with adversity. Obstacles try to prevent us from achieving our goals, but those most persistent reach their goals in spite of the difficulties that come along with overcoming mental illnesses like depression or learning a new skill and mastering it. Champions look at adversity as a challenge to rise to the occasion. You are entirely capable of achieving the goals most important to you. Yes you can.

I am devastated by my most recent leg injury I sustained while playing tug-of-war at a company-sponsored event, but I continue to look up. There’s not much I can do to change the reality of my situation, but I’m in complete in control of how I react to these present challenges. Optimism is my defense against losing inspiration. That said, I want to tell the story of what happened.

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Looking at an injury in a different light

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different”- Oprah WinfreyIf not approached correctly, stress injuries can be a death sentence for an athlete. However, in most cases, an injury can be viewed under many different lights. For me, my knee injury has opened my eyes and told me to slow down and focus on other aspects of my health.

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Health Goals for 2017: Vegan, Running, Basketball, and Growing Compassion


Goals for 2017, Part 1 of 4

Last week, I wrote about my goals for 2017. Breaking them down into several categories: health, writing, finance, and everything else. I wanted to go into detail about each section and how I came up with each set.

Health, a topic that has been a large focus in my life over the past four years, and which was my theme for 2016—Healthy is Happy—has grown into an obsession, warranting its own category this year, and probably for the rest of my life. I even considered making it my theme for 2017 too.

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