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Are you getting enough rest? Facts about sleep that help improve performance!

With so many distractions in today’s society like social media and endless streaming services, it’s no wonder people have such a hard time getting a full night’s rest. Sleep, however, is very important to both a person’s physical and mental health. We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, and for good reason. Sleep is essential to the recovery process—it’s the time our brains shut down, our bodies build muscle and we process life using the subconscious.

Stress is Not a Bad Thing and Neither is Sleep

To improve, we undergo stress followed by rest. As much as many of us would love to take shot after shot of expresso and chase it with a gallon a coffee to get through the next few hours of work or study, it’s not in our best interest. Working too hard for too long overloads the brain and body and results in the opposite effect—the brain fails to retain information, the quality of work falters, and the body atrophies. It’s especially important to stretch your limits, but never to the point your threshold snaps.

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How consistency helped me reach my goals


People are met with many difficulties when trying to achieve a goal, leading many to quit. While these hardships can deter the weak hearted, those that persevere through those tribulations are reward triumphantly. There are many components to success, but one especially important one is consistency.

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The power of keystone habits, building a foundation for the future


Have you ever wanted to start up a new habit or break a bad one, but found it difficult to maintain a steady streak? This happens to a lot of us, but once those habits are set in place, it can be difficult to stop you from slowing climbing your way up the figurative mountain to achieving your goals. Understanding the concept of a keystone habit and learning how to use this information will help you control your actions and prime your mind for a day full of positivity and productivity.

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Personal Writing Goals for 2017, Practice Makes Permanent


2017 Goals, Part 4 of 4

It’s already February, and you’re probably saying, “Resty, you should have posted this a month ago!” which you are probably right about. But here we are, and I still believe in creating and accomplishing goals. So, these are my writing goals for 2017.

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Beat Depression and Stay Creative with Running and Basketball


Release Stress and Focus on Happiness

Some days, inspiration runs thin. The pool of creativity falls victim to neglect, and the murky water sits collecting leaves, dead bugs, and debris. The distractions of life leave nowhere left to swim. You’re stuck.

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Learning to Invest Time Wisely and Plan for Success

add-headingHow Budgeting Can Help Creativity

Similar to money, time can be seen as currency spent in order to gain value in particular subjects, like spending time learning to read or speak a new language. And, like money, time can be budgeted so there’s a greater focus on appreciating assets. This week for my blog post, I’ll show you guys how I look forward to my week and give you a general idea of how I budget of my time.

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Goals for February 2017: Harry Potter, 10K Training and Becoming a Minimalist

success-is-no-accidentNew Month, New Goals

February is finally here, which means winter is coming to a close and spring is just around the corner. It’s time to review those first quarter plans for 2017, and set new goals for the month to stay on track towards the big picture.

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Not-So-Random Goals, and How They Help Me Stay Creative

roadrunner2017 Goals, Part 3 of 4

Continuing the blog series about my goals, I created a section this year titled “Miscellaneous.” While these goals don’t fall underneath any of my major categories, fitness, writing, or finance, they’re just as important to my overall wellbeing as all the rest.

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My Twelve Goals for 2017

IMG_2095.JPGWe’ve survived another trip around the Sun and taken great strides towards our future. No matter whether we’ve chalked 2016 up as a good or bad year, we’ve grown another year wiser.

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In Spite of Obstacles

Blog #010

The pursuit of happiness takes dedication and consistency.

There’s something to be said about remaining consistent despite what obstacles may be in the way. It can be difficult to remain resolute when evidence points otherwise. Popularity often sways weak minds, persuading them to abandon their faith in favor of immediate gratification or relief. Often times, reaching contentment will stifle creativity and productivity. A person needs to remain convicted to achieving their goals in order to be successful.

There’s something to be said about conviction. Despite what news may reveal about an opposing idea, remaining faithful to one’s beliefs will often produce results in favor of that conviction. Similar to many principles set forth in the Civil Rights Movement, remaining convinced that truth will eventually prevail in time despite of the majority belief can often produce favorable accomplishments.img_1970

The idea is as old as verbal folklore. The story of the Tortoise and the Hare illustrates this moral fairly well. Where the talented hare failed to remain dedicated to finishing the race, the tortoise succeeded in finishing the race. Despite the hare’s predisposition to his natural speed, the tortoise won because he remained steadily pursuing his one goal relentlessly.

It can be difficult to remain consistent when life happens. Life isn’t linear, and things happen that can set the ship off course. We’re human, and it’s easy to be lead astray from the path to success. But those that remain consistent in spite of life’s misfortunes will undoubtedly progress up towards their goal.

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