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A simple equation to improve performance at anything

lucas-favre-335248.jpgWe all want to perform our best, but we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed and burnt out after having taken on too many tasks. Instead, it’s best to focus on what most important and alternate between steady habits of stress and rest to maximize improvements. Planning focused sessions that alternate between both these simple concepts are the key components to progress, helping those disciplined to follow reach their full potential in physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

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My morning routine for a positive outlook

david-mao-7091Every morning I roll out of bed and onto the floor before the sun gets up. I wake up in time to prevent my alarm from sounding off at 5:30AM and waking up my roommates. “Bixby,” I tell my phone, “set a timer for 10 minutes.”

I set my palms onto the floor and assume a table position with my knees below my hips. I grind my toes into the the carpet and carry my knees off the ground and lift my butt into the air—downward dog. I stretch as far as I can and listen for my ankles to pop. I progress through my morning routine by limbering up and getting my mind ready to tackle the day that lies ahead.

Starting with Positivity

Morning routines are important for setting the tone for the rest of the day. I use yoga and meditation to get my body and mind into the right vibration to accept all challenges with open arms. There are countless productive activities to add to your morning routines and improve mood in the morning. A good morning routine can create an outlook of overcoming the day with positivity. Some activities that I regularly do everyday include:

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The power of keystone habits, building a foundation for the future


Have you ever wanted to start up a new habit or break a bad one, but found it difficult to maintain a steady streak? This happens to a lot of us, but once those habits are set in place, it can be difficult to stop you from slowing climbing your way up the figurative mountain to achieving your goals. Understanding the concept of a keystone habit and learning how to use this information will help you control your actions and prime your mind for a day full of positivity and productivity.

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On misfortune and uncertainty.

In life, there will be moments of sadness and heartache, and situations with explanations beyond our understanding. That is life. C’est la vie. These dichotomies are what make living on the spectrum of color, joy, wealth, and fortune worth it. Tomorrow’s uncertainty is today’s ambition. Fear of the unknown only hinders a person from experiencing life for all that it can offer. Freedom is living bold.


Ambition wakes me up at 5 AM.
Ambition tells me, “I can.”
Ambition pushes me to sweat.
Ambition tracks my progress.

Ambition is 100 push-ups before bed.
Ambition is reading on my free time.
Ambition is living vegan.
Ambition is practicing yoga before I even know what day it is.

Ambition is living up my dreams despite life’s obstacles.
Ambition leads to a life full of fulfillment.

I Want

I want to be a a yogi,
So I practice yoga
I want to be a writer,
So I write about everything.
I want to be strong
So I practice strength.
I want to be aware,
So I listen and I read.
I want to be creative,
So I create.
I want to be loved
So I love
every chance I get.

Vacation traveling: connecting flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona

IMG_3104Day 1 & 2

Over these past two days, I travelled from Los Angeles to Barcelona. My family and I are spending a few days near Sigarda Familia at a place called Lodging Apartments before heading out this Thursday on a cruise ship to Italy, France, Montenegro, and Croatia. I am on vacation.

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Answering the question, “Why do I blog?”

“It just happens to be the way that I_m made. I have to write things down to feel I fully comprehend them.”- Haruki MurakamiThere are billions of people in the world, and a lot of them blog for a variety of reasons. Some write to earn a living, others to make friends, but everyone for unique purposes. Here is why I blog.

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I decided to travel abroad to teach English

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only the first page-2My desire for wanderlust has never been more exuberant than now. I’ve been thinking of ways that I can travel and still make enough money to pay down my student loans and live comfortably, and I finally decided to pursue a job abroad teaching English.

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Personal Writing Goals for 2017, Practice Makes Permanent


2017 Goals, Part 4 of 4

It’s already February, and you’re probably saying, “Resty, you should have posted this a month ago!” which you are probably right about. But here we are, and I still believe in creating and accomplishing goals. So, these are my writing goals for 2017.

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