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Are bananas healthy? A resounding yes!

Since it’s a known fact around my office that I love bananas (so much so that I’ve been called “banana-man”—I dig it), I get asked a lot, “why are bananas healthy?” In short, the benefits of bananas are bountiful. Bananas are an excellent source of energy as well as a reliable source of such vitamins and minerals as potassium and manganese.

Exploring the banana’s nutrition profile will give you greater insights into how much just one banana a day can benefit your health.

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The real reason I went vegan: dealing with parents and getting healthy


A few years ago, I was very sick. I didn’t receive a diagnosis from a doctor, but I felt horrible everyday. I smoked half a pack of cigarettes and carried a fat gut—I was skinny fat and disproportionately larger in the tummy area. I was losing hair, out of energy and I hated it. I hated myself. I was depressed. Then something in me told me to take responsibility and make a change.

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Chia seeds give a handful of benefits, and that’s the skinny!

brenda-godinez-228182As a person that considers himself an athlete, well-balanced superfoods easily find their way into my grocery list. Chia seeds are by far one of the healthiest foods to add to anyone’s daily diet because of its macronutrient profile. It’s one of the most nutrient-packed plant-based food that can improve a person’s diet with only just a few teaspoons. Here’s how chia seeds have gotten its name as a “superfood” and how you can add this food to your diet.

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Celebrating 100 Subscribers on my health and lifestyle blog, veganism and growth

seven-sisters-1462388_1920.jpgI just hit 100 subscribers. This marks a pivotal landmark in my blogging life. I’ve been blogging for about three years now, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve really picked up the pace and stayed dedicated to this creative outlet. I’ve grown a lot from when I first started, and here’s to looking forward to growing my readership another 100.

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A cheap way to stay clean and healthy eating organic

foodiesfeed.com_fresh-fruit-in-summer.jpgOrganic foods have gained great popularity in the recent years, and rightfully so. While it’s important to avoid eating all non-organic foods, it can often get expensive. Knowing which foods are most often genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides helps to determine which organic foods to choose first when living healthier on a budget.

Recent Changes to Our Food

Twenty-first-century culture has developed technology to alter the genetic makeup of foods to allow them to stay on shelves longer, grow bigger and faster and kill the insects that are cutting into production sales—all at the expense of quality produce. Non-organic foods are toxic for the body and cause several detriments when consumed, such as increased body fat and a weakened immune system. Additionally, genetically modified foods don’t hold as much nutritional value and often lack taste, which means quality becomes an issue.

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Five facts about oats, a staple in any diet

foodiesfeed.com_oatmeal-with-chia-seeds-banana-and-walnutsIt has become a common belief that oats promote a healthy heart, which makes this one of the best foods anyone can implement into their diet. Here are a few facts about this wonderful food that make this a staple in any diet.

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Five vegan-friendly snacks for back to school


toa-heftiba-134310During the semester, finding vegan-friendly options in between classes while on a student’s budget can be difficult. Keeping a healthy vegan diet that maintains brain function through several lectures takes premeditation. Planning and preparing snacks for the upcoming week can help you stay focused and engaged in class longer, improving your grades and helping you become a better student. Here are five of my go-to snacks that are vegan-friendly and help me stay energized throughout the day and maintain focus when I need it most.

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Why beginning vegans need to find their favorite food

Healthy is HappyMany people avoid going vegan because they fear they won’t find enough food to eat to feel satiated. Instead of acting in fear of this idea, embrace it. Eating fish, eggs, and dairy products serve as a crutch in a person’s diet, preventing individuals from exploring other foods and flavors found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes. What first started out as an experiment for me has now become a lifestyle I couldn’t imagine myself without.

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The Gym, My Sanctuary

Journal series, #2

I absolutely love the Gym. I especially love when I have the basketball court all to myself. I love running full speed from one basket to the other, and then leaping into the air towards the rim. Using all my power, I love feeling my muscles explode with energy as I clutch the basketball, and then toss the ball up, spinning it off the far edge of the glass and into the hoop. I always feel good in the gym.

Untitled design

My body’s really benefitted from all the activity I’ve committed to over the past few months. I started going to the gym in April of this year, but I didn’t really start working out until June. Additionally, I didn’t start really focusing on all the different types of workouts until last month, August. My journey thus far can be summed up as familiarizing myself with the culture, because I really needed to learn all the information that goes along with working out, like proper reps, sets, weights, and so on. There’s a learning curve I needed to get over before I could really start focusing on my “gains,” as they would say.

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I’ve been on a workout program for two weeks now. I don’t know if it’s from the workout plan or if it’s from all the activity I’ve been doing prior, but, nonetheless, I feel stronger.

I’m going into the third week of the Buff Dudes’ 12-week workout program. This is the last week before moving onto the next phase of their program, concentrating mostly on the legs. I might end up staying on this portion of the program since I began working out with the goal to dunk the basketball. I know that may not seem like the best goal, but it’s been a simple, effective goal for me. From working out my legs and body, I’ve become an overall better basketball player, and I love it. Even when I achieve the goal to dunk, I know I’ll have another goal right in line afterwards to continue my journey. Dunking is just one mountain peak.

Today, I came back from the gym after working on my jumping ability. I started my workout with a light, 10-minute stretch, making sure to work the hip flexors and activate my glutes to prime my body to jump. Then, I moved on to a workout of five variations of box jumps at ten repetitions each. Next, I did four sets of ten push-ups with 60-second planks in between. And finally, I finished my workout with 15 minutes of jumping rope while listening to the Pharcyde’s Labcabincalifornia album. It’s my favorite album.

I still have plenty places to improve, of course. I want to handle the ball better, I want to have better defense, and I want to shoot significantly better. There’s always room for improvements, so after I dunk, I’m just going to have goal after goal after goal afterwards. I already accomplish mini goals I set for myself prior to every gym visit. I make sure to have a list of goals I need to accomplish before every gym visit, so I know right away what needs to be done in order to progress. I also give myself time limit so there’s urgency to my workouts, in turn increasing the intensity of all my activities.

I also have the big goal to become a vegan, so I haven’t forgotten about that. Over the weekend I watched nearly all the documentaries on Netflix about healthy eating or the evils behind many of the bigger companies in the food industry. I watched a few of the documentaries during my early undergrad, like Forks over Knives, Food Inc., and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I wanted to refresh my memory, but then found a few more documentaries that peaked my interest like Sugar Coated and Fed Up. All I can say is, factory farms are fucked up and now I really want to go vegan.

I had a conversation with my mom the other day about the juicer I plan to order on Friday. It was mostly me talking about how excited I was about the juicer. I jokingly said to her, “I want to be the healthiest man on the planet,” but I really meant it.

Looking Forward: 2016

I’m feeling a little overzealous today, and I want to send out a blog post into the world. A few days ago, I read a post by Kendel, the author of the blog Little Misadventures (who happens to be a wonderful blogger), and it inspired me to respond to the same prompt – and I did!

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