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New Blog Direction, More Content

Hey Readers!

Since starting my blog back in December of 2015, I’ve definitely been busy. I haven’t quite reached my blogging goals—not by far—but I’ve learned a lot.

On the bright side, I’ve discovered lots of very good blogs and found inspiration reading countless posts. I’ve also found a job writing at a website marketing company, so I haven’t entirely been unproductive since graduating with my Bachelors of Arts in Literature and Writing. Now that I’m older, one thing is for certain: I want to be an independent business owner and work on the road.

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Looking Forward: 2016

I’m feeling a little overzealous today, and I want to send out a blog post into the world. A few days ago, I read a post by Kendel, the author of the blog Little Misadventures (who happens to be a wonderful blogger), and it inspired me to respond to the same prompt – and I did!

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