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Plant-based foods to prevent hair loss and promote volume

alexandra-andersson-424642.jpgStrong, healthy hair is a sign of youth. As we age, our hair thins, becomes brittle and falls out, leading to recession in men and overall loss of volume for women. This causes many to look in all areas for hair-loss solutions and ways to artificially boost hair production. While there’s nothing wrong with baldness nor thinning hair, many of us prefer to seek methods of keeping our hair well into our senior years.

While hair loss cannot be completely stopped, preventive measures in diet can be taken to avoid risk factors that lead to hair loss.

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Easy-to-pack vegan snacks for school and work

cristina-gottardi-105347.jpgA challenge many people face when taking the dive into veganism is keeping their hunger satiated throughout the day. Snacks can be essential in helping individuals keep their appetite tamed while sticking to their plan for eating healthier and promoting a better life for the planet.

Packing Healthy on the Go

Snacks are small portions of food eaten in between meals to keep your blood sugar regulated and your body continuing to maintain a steady stream of energy. Some don’t need snacks, but for those like me, I CRAVE them. I eat snacks before working out, before setting off on a run and when getting ready to write.

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A cheap way to stay clean and healthy eating organic

foodiesfeed.com_fresh-fruit-in-summer.jpgOrganic foods have gained great popularity in the recent years, and rightfully so. While it’s important to avoid eating all non-organic foods, it can often get expensive. Knowing which foods are most often genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides helps to determine which organic foods to choose first when living healthier on a budget.

Recent Changes to Our Food

Twenty-first-century culture has developed technology to alter the genetic makeup of foods to allow them to stay on shelves longer, grow bigger and faster and kill the insects that are cutting into production sales—all at the expense of quality produce. Non-organic foods are toxic for the body and cause several detriments when consumed, such as increased body fat and a weakened immune system. Additionally, genetically modified foods don’t hold as much nutritional value and often lack taste, which means quality becomes an issue.

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Five facts about oats, a staple in any diet

foodiesfeed.com_oatmeal-with-chia-seeds-banana-and-walnutsIt has become a common belief that oats promote a healthy heart, which makes this one of the best foods anyone can implement into their diet. Here are a few facts about this wonderful food that make this a staple in any diet.

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Super food turmeric decreases recovery time and improves immunity

turmeric-2344157_1920Curcumin longa root, the best food to include into your diet

Ailing from a sports injury? Looking to boost your immunity and defense against heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other health issues? Turmeric could be the single most powerful root vegetation to deliver on these promises and improve your overall health. 

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Why beginning vegans need to find their favorite food

Healthy is HappyMany people avoid going vegan because they fear they won’t find enough food to eat to feel satiated. Instead of acting in fear of this idea, embrace it. Eating fish, eggs, and dairy products serve as a crutch in a person’s diet, preventing individuals from exploring other foods and flavors found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes. What first started out as an experiment for me has now become a lifestyle I couldn’t imagine myself without.

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Five Vegan Food Groups for Transitioning Beginners

5 Vegan Food Groups-2These Food Groups will Help You Go Vegan

So you want to go vegan, but you don’t know where to start.

When I first became interested in changing my diet four years ago, I read a book that changed the way I looked at how to look for food. “Main Street Vegan” by Victoria Moran gives beginners an entire run down to start out as a vegan. However, you don’t have to go through the entire book to start. 

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Healthy Snack for Vegan Athletes: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Banana Chips

Hello, Friends! Today I’m sharing a simple snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and provides a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats, all in one quick-and-easy-to-prepare snack for vegan athletes like me!

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Visiting North Hollywood for a Weekend

My Younger Brother’s 19th Birthday,
And All the Culture in LA

Over the weekend, I visited my little brother in the Valley for his 19th birthday. He lives in Reseda, a city in the 818 area code. I drove an hour and a half up freeway 60 before hopping onto the 101 northbound for twenty minutes to reach my exit. I hate traffic in LA, but I love the area.

I drove up Friday evening, after I went to the gym and took a nap. I knew I wouldn’t be working out when I got to my dad’s house, mostly because I don’t know of a place I could go to lift weights, so I decided to get in a short jump rope session before leaving Menifee.

At my dad’s, I usually just hang out around the house, watching movies that I stream from my dad’s Amazon Firestick, or I catch up on HBO and Showtime television series like Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. Other than watch movies, I napped pretty much most of the weekend.

I brought my juicer to introduce my stepmom to juicing. She’s been trying to get healthier, along with helping my younger brother get healthier, so I thought I could introduce her to juicing. Juicing has helped me feel a lot better; it’s definitely helped to clear my acne—and I’ve heard over and over that the epidermis, or the skin, is a direct indicator of an individual’s health. If the skin is glowing and thriving, then the rest of the body should be working pretty well too. I made a green juice for them.img_1811

On Saturday, I took my brother out for breakfast. We hopped into my white civic and drove a few miles over to Ninong’s Pastries and Café. My brother ordered ube pancakes and I ordered grilled cheese French toast drizzled with ube sauce and topped with powdered sugar and almonds. Both dishes were delicious. Altogether, including a 15 percent tip, I paid less than 20 dollars. There was so much food that I took home leftovers to my dad and stepmom. The waitress there even awarded us with complementary desserts for having us switch tables.

That same evening, my dad, my step mom, my brother, my auntie, and I all ate at the Korean Tofu house a couple blocks from my dad’s house. I ordered the vegetable bibimbap, which came out exactly how I had imagined—steaming hot vegetables topping a heap of crispy rice lining the cast-iron bowl. Along with the main course, they served me spicy tofu soup, which had tofu resembling the consistency of eggs. Needless to say, I devoured everything within arms reach.

I love the culture in LA. I love the food, the people, and almost everything about the entire city. While I hate the traffic—I kind wish everyone drove mini scooters, road bikes, or took public transit—the pros of LA outweigh the cons. I really love LA County. Even though I don’t live in the heart of the city, it’s the culture that I’ve come to appreciate.

My next trip is going to be to San Diego.

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