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New Blog Direction, More Content

Hey Readers!

Since starting my blog back in December of 2015, I’ve definitely been busy. I haven’t quite reached my blogging goals—not by far—but I’ve learned a lot.

On the bright side, I’ve discovered lots of very good blogs and found inspiration reading countless posts. I’ve also found a job writing at a website marketing company, so I haven’t entirely been unproductive since graduating with my Bachelors of Arts in Literature and Writing. Now that I’m older, one thing is for certain: I want to be an independent business owner and work on the road.

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January goals: reading, health and finance

larm-rmah-151478Here’s my monthly update nine days late!

At the beginning of the month, I like to set attainable, measurable goals that I can track throughout the month. I also categorize those goals to focus on one area at a time when the time comes to handle those tasks.

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Taking a look back on 2017 and making plans for 2018

ashley-knedler-75600Shortcomings and Triumphs

In 2017, I overcame a lot of challenges. I moved out, I traveled to Europe, and I made incredible strides in my writing ability—but these were not accomplished without having faced a few challenges. I made a lot of mistakes in 2017 as I’ve made in the past before that, but that’s not to say I haven’t done many things right. Those mistakes have taught me to look forward and continue pushing on. Having learned from my faults, I’ve made adjustments to my previous goals and set a new 12 for this upcoming year.

Last year, I made a few bad investments and I hurt my knee in April running 10 miles on the treadmill, automatically disqualifying me from two of my goals: run a half marathon and a regular marathon. I exacerbated the injury playing basketball and was sidelined for a long time. I was seeing results, but then reinjured the knee in October playing tug-of-war at a work event. I’m receiving physical therapy for my injury, which is good, but I need to be careful and nurse my knee until I’m able to start running again.

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Learning about stocks, ETFs, and other investments

benjamin-davies-332625.jpgI’m obsessed with learning about stock market investing–so for my health and fitness readers, you can go ahead and skip this one. I’ll be back Sunday with my regular focus on veganism! But, since I can’t stop reading all I can about stocks, bonds, ETFs, index funds, options, and all the other brokerage jargon that is necessary to maintain a profitable portfolio, I’ve decided I just have to write about it.

Earning financial independence allows for greater freedom to pursue my other goals in life, which is I why I think it’s important to blog about. Investments can be a great place to grow wealth if you can stay smart and stick to a solid game plan.

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Financial freedom, knowledge to alleviate money woes

vitaly-145502“Cash rules everything around me.” A quote by Wu Tang Clan said in the 90s that still rings true today. While many avoid talking about money, financial literacy, along with living compassionately, is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life in modern culture.

Of course many could make the argument, “there are tons of people in the world that don’t have money and are perfectly happy.” While true, this blog post isn’t written for them, it’s written for the majority of us that live in a first world country and depend on money for practically everything.

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Plans change for the better, preparing to travel abroad

The journey is greater than the destinationI’m obsessed with travelling. I can’t stop thinking about going overseas and living in another country like Japan or Korea. But, in order for that to happen, I need to prepare.

I have a lot to accomplish before leaving. I also need to shift goals around because things have changed. I will no longer buy a computer. Instead, I will save to buy a laptop, which I probably won’t do until I start working abroad. I still plan on running a half-marathon in June. I still plan on working out every chance I get.

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Gaining Financial Independence Though Wise Money Management

NEW-2.png2017 Goals, Part 2 of 4

While many people don’t want to admit it, finance management is a huge part of our lives, but not many people know how to manage it.

In our consumer-laden society, people often find themselves spending more money than they earn. Prices are exceptionally high—the price of missing out or the price of becoming excluded can weigh heavily on the mind.

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Shifting Monthly Goals to Accommodate Wellness

IMG_628692F73474-1.jpegToday is January 15, which means we’re half way through the first month of 2017. This is the perfect time to reevaluate our goals for and manage how we’re doing.

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we get so involved with the day-to-day events and forget about the bigger picture. It’s good to take time to review the month’s trajectory, and make any changes to future plans to accommodate for the bigger picture. So, since it’s the middle of the month, I propose we all take a step back and look at what we’ve already accomplished, and then recalibrate our direction for the future.

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My Twelve Goals for 2017

IMG_2095.JPGWe’ve survived another trip around the Sun and taken great strides towards our future. No matter whether we’ve chalked 2016 up as a good or bad year, we’ve grown another year wiser.

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Blueprints for My Goals in 2017

Blog #009

The New Year lingers around the corner, and that means reviewing and polishing old goals and coming up with new ones.

Last year, the theme was, “Healthy is Happy,” and I can honestly say I lived it pretty well when compared to my recent past. I made significant gains in strength, speed, and endurance, as well as quit smoking cigarettes—which I can’t believe has already been a year!

img_1967While this isn’t a set-in-stone, definitive list for 2017, I do want to talk about a few things I’ve thought about lately.

Off the top of my head, I would break up my goals into three major categories: finance, health and fitness, and writing. I would also make a category for miscellaneous subjects, like travelling.

Health and Fitness: I want to run a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon. I want to dunk the basketball, finally—I promise, I’m getting closer. I want to lift more than I have been. I want to become a vegan. I want to cook for myself, and I want to continue to grow stronger and healthier. I want to meditate and journal more often, because there’s nothing more important than mental health.

Finance: I want to pay off $5,000 worth of student loans, invest $5,000 into investments, and save $5,000 for the rainy season. I’m already on my, so I just have to develop a budget to stick by it to achieve those numbers. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it is what it is for now. I think the most difficult part of this will be keeping discipline not to use the money that I’ve saved. I also want to buy a laptop.

Writing: I want to continue blogging. I want to read 36 books—I consider reading a big part of writing. I want to write 6 short stories and 24 pieces of poetry. I want to enter a writing competition and continue pursuing a career in writing. I want to be more creative, and this is one of my favorite things to create, ideas.

Miscellaneous: I want to travel. I want to visit different parts of the United States, live well within my means. I want to take road trips to adjacent states and just see what it’s like on the other side of the mountains. I want to visit different shops, meet different people, and just experience life for what it is. I don’t want to go back to school yet because I feel like I should accrue enough money to pay for school in cash. I shouldn’t be taking on more debt if I want to become a true millionaire. So many people don’t have college degrees, Bill Gates for example, and still go on to become extremely successful people. School isn’t necessary to become a rich person, but school does offer experiences I couldn’t get anywhere else—but I’ve been in school for too long. I need a break. I want to focus on becoming financially successful. I want to see what I can do with my own grit.

In 2016, the motto was, “Healthy is Happy.” And I’ll continue to live that way, continue to progress into greater health. I want to have this saying again for 2017, but I also want to progress. I don’t want to have the same quote because I think I’ve already internalized it well, and if I didn’t then that just means the saying is stale and I need to keep moving forward. “Healthy is happy,” I still believe that, but it’s time to progress to something different. I don’t have to decide today, because I have until 2017 to do that, but I do have to think about something soon. 2017 is right around the corner.

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