New blog direction, more content

New blog direction, more content

Hey Readers!

Since starting my blog back in December of 2015, I’ve definitely been busy. I haven’t quite reached my blogging goals—not by far—but I’ve learned a lot.

On the bright side, I’ve discovered lots of very good blogs and found inspiration reading countless posts. I’ve also found a job writing at a website marketing company, so I haven’t entirely been unproductive since graduating with my Bachelors of Arts in Literature and Writing. Now that I’m older, one thing is for certain: I want to be an independent business owner and work on the road.

The ultimate goal is to earn financial independence and travel the world. However, I have other goals that fall alongside this primary goal. Besides writing and web development, I am passionate about health and finance—I also like technology and sports (specifically basketball and baseball), but you’ll mostly find my blog posts about the former.

I’m a vegan and an amateur investor. I run, lift weights, practice yoga and try to save the little money I earn while paying down student loan debt. I rent a room from a nice woman named Kathy, sharing the house with two other tenants, a couple of very kind, very metal gentlemen. I’m obviously far from my goal, but I think that I’m headed in the right direction.

What Will I Blog About?

When I transferred my blog over to a self-hosted domain, it felt like a soft reset. I still have my old content, but my motive for this blog is different.

I want to blog more about my personal experience. I’ll blog about freelancing, eating healthy, exercising and saving money—this is all a part of earning my independence: mentally, physically and financially.

Keys to My Life

  1. Maximize health
  2. Earn and spend money wisely
  3. Be kind

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect, but we learn and we grow. Every experience is a chance to become better.

Where Am I Now?


I have no money saved since moving out on my own, but I have bottomed out. I’ve learned to manage my money so I can comfortably pay rent, eat well, invest a tiny bit every month and still have a little money to enjoy on whatever. I’m not taking random trips to the Bahamas just yet, but hopefully, by age 30, I’ll be independent of anyone and on the move—that’s about three years from now.

The topic of financial management is a little new for me, but obviously very important to my goal. Everyone needs money. I need it to travel and to live independently. A part of that is making sure I succeed in freelancing and the other is saving and investing.

Finance management is the skill of maintaining a sustainable balance between income and expenses. That also includes saving for retirement and having enough to enjoy life now.

I earn just less than $30k and live in Southern California. I’m considered just below the lower middle-class income range. I obviously need to make much more than this if I want to achieve my goals. In upcoming posts, I’ll break down my expenses and show you my budget. For now, I just want to establish the baseline. On my blog, you’ll read blogs about my personal experience with investing and budgeting, as well as how I plan to save money to travel.


I’m 6’0, 165 lbs. and somewhat fit. I have some belly fat I want to get rid of and I also want to run a marathon. Eventually, I hope to participate in an Iron Man competition and finish. That’s a little bit farther down the road, but it’s something I’d like to achieve in my lifetime.

To achieving these goals, I go to the gym and practice veganism. Since I’m a new vegan and not really familiar with cooking, it’s been quite the journey to find healthy alternatives to common dishes when the world caters to meat eaters. But, since the beginning of this year, I’ve gone full-fledged vegan and committed to better health. I’ve practiced veganism since January of 2016, mostly eating vegan, but occasionally eating eggs or dairy products of my dish “accidentally” had it. I’m strict with my diet now, both for moral and health reasons.

On my blog, I’ll blog about my journey—I’ll blog about going to the gym, proper workouts and anything that falls under the scope of health. I’ll also write about productivity hacks that will improve overall performance.


I am fortunate to live in Southern California, home to beautiful scenery and majestic sunsets behind palm tree silhouettes. My goal, however, is to work remotely as a freelancer and travel the world—maybe I’ll buy a van and deck it out or maybe I’ll be fortunate to visit other countries while working out of Wi-Fi hotspots—the dream is flexible.

Right now, traveling is difficult because I want to save as much money as I can, and traveling when I’m not able to make money is going to destroy kill my time and my savings. You won’t read much about traveling on my blog yet, but every now and then I’ll go somewhere in San Deigo and share my experience.

What’s Coming Next?

While I’ve already been working towards several of these goals, it’s never too late to start documenting them. Moving forward, I’ll log my progress and report back on my blog posts, while also sharing the same article-style posts about health. Logging my progress will allow me to look back on my journey in a few years to see how far I’ve come.

This month, I plan to detail my baseline as well as my goals. I’ll create excel sheets of my budget and look forward to what I need to do now to achieve my goal in a year.


I like to save money! I write articles about making investments and tips on saving money to do more of the things you love, like living independently, eating well, and traveling. I also freelance. Contact me to hire me for marketing copywriting, web development, or SEO services.
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