Dow Jones and Blockchain Experience Loss, GoPro up 9 percent
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Dow Jones and Blockchain Experience Loss, GoPro up 9 percent

The Dow closed at 24,580.89, -1.47 percent on the week. In a similar fashion, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index closed at 2,754.88, -0.42 percent from last week.

With several publications having recently released articles discussing the impending correction in the market, reading the latest news about the market has become incredibly important. We’re currently in a bubble that’s expected to burst any time. It’s difficult to predict the severity or whether it will be significant to hurt the US economy.

The last correction in 2007 lasted until February 2009, nearly two years. It’s not that there will be no companies earning a profit, but it will be incredibly difficult to find a decent investment.

However, it’s not time to be fearful. I welcome a correction in the market as an opportunity to learn and invest. I have my entire life ahead of me, so learning to invest early is best. Finding companies I strongly believe in while I’m early in my investment career can only benefit my profits in the future.

With that said, I feel as though I’ve found my groove in swing trading and long-term investing. I know what to look for, I just need to spend the time researching.

Companies I look into:
– $ETH

My Investment Portfolio.

I currently have less than $1,000 invested in stocks. We all start somewhere. I have the goal to save $1,000, then I plan to increase my contributions towards my investments to just about $1,000. I’ll use that money to learn to invest while I pay down my student loan debts.


The majority of my portfolio comprises GoPro. Using technical analysis, I saw an opportunity earlier this month that signaled a continuation in the stock’s bullish trend. I managed to get in at a decent time.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.42.33 PM.png

Since entering GoPro on June 5, my equity has increased 12.76 percent. Just this past week, GoPro increased 9.55 percent.

On Friday, it closed with a hanging man, an ominous Japanese candlestick sign that signifies an impending downward tread. If GoPro closes below open, it’s time to skedaddle.

There are a few other signals that could indicate a correction and a need to get out of GoPro Reading its 1Y 1D chart, we can see the EMA9 approaches the EMA200, which is an obvious resistance line. It’s also signified as very close to overbought. But the positive sign from MACD indicator is a good sign that GoPro can continue upward.

Earning 12 percent is already a great swing. I’ve set 80 percent of my shares on a stop loss at $6.20 just in case GoPro tanks while I’m not watching.

Ethereum $ETH

I’ve invested in blockchain technology. Who knows what future it holds in our society, but it would be stupid to doubt it’s potential. Will it be a pivotal part of everything we do? Is it something our society will be dependent on in the future? If so, how much will Ethereum and other blockchain technology be worth in the future considering it’s applications. How much is it really worth now?

There are still so many questions looming the blockchain industry, but I would be a fool to ignore it’s potential impact on the society if implemented in the way companies do international business.

With that said, I’ve been dumb with my investment. My initial investments, while blockchain and cryptocurrency were both on the up and coming, was nice. Since then, I’ve managed to do the opposite of wise investing. I bought at $800, then again around $550 to lower my cost average. Since investing this year, the value of my investment is -29.57 percent from where it started.

At 32 percent my investment portfolio, I need to be wiser with my dollar-cost averaging, as well as wiser in learning the best time to invest.


I still have a lot to learn. I’m reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet’s mentor. Through four chapters, I’ve learned a little of the history of stock markets and information about dollar-cost averaging.

I look to implement his strategy on long-term investments when I eventually find them. Through this upcoming week, I have to conduct research.


I like to save money! I write articles about making investments and tips on saving money to do more of the things you love, like living independently, eating well, and traveling. I also freelance. Contact me to hire me for marketing copywriting, web development, or SEO services.
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