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A quick and easy guide to understanding dietary fiber

jennifer-pallian-146555With all the focus on calorie intake in fitness, it can be easy to forget about making sure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. Good fiber intake can cause weight loss and improve overall health.

Fibers are the edible part of a plant cell wall and a form of carbohydrate essential in digestion. A gram of fiber contains four calories, but isn’t broken down by the body and used for energy, so it can’t contribute to storing fat. Rather, both insoluble and soluble fiber aid digestion by moving product through the body and slowing down the digestive process. We’ll get to more of why slowing digestion is important a little later.

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Chia seeds give a handful of benefits, and that’s the skinny!

brenda-godinez-228182As a person that considers himself an athlete, well-balanced superfoods easily find their way into my grocery list. Chia seeds are by far one of the healthiest foods to add to anyone’s daily diet because of its macronutrient profile. It’s one of the most nutrient-packed plant-based food that can improve a person’s diet with only just a few teaspoons. Here’s how chia seeds have gotten its name as a “superfood” and how you can add this food to your diet.

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Easy-to-pack vegan snacks for school and work

cristina-gottardi-105347.jpgA challenge many people face when taking the dive into veganism is keeping their hunger satiated throughout the day. Snacks can be essential in helping individuals keep their appetite tamed while sticking to their plan for eating healthier and promoting a better life for the planet.

Packing Healthy on the Go

Snacks are small portions of food eaten in between meals to keep your blood sugar regulated and your body continuing to maintain a steady stream of energy. Some don’t need snacks, but for those like me, I CRAVE them. I eat snacks before working out, before setting off on a run and when getting ready to write.

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My morning routine for a positive outlook

david-mao-7091Every morning I roll out of bed and onto the floor before the sun gets up. I wake up in time to prevent my alarm from sounding off at 5:30AM and waking up my roommates. “Bixby,” I tell my phone, “set a timer for 10 minutes.”

I set my palms onto the floor and assume a table position with my knees below my hips. I grind my toes into the the carpet and carry my knees off the ground and lift my butt into the air—downward dog. I stretch as far as I can and listen for my ankles to pop. I progress through my morning routine by limbering up and getting my mind ready to tackle the day that lies ahead.

Starting with Positivity

Morning routines are important for setting the tone for the rest of the day. I use yoga and meditation to get my body and mind into the right vibration to accept all challenges with open arms. There are countless productive activities to add to your morning routines and improve mood in the morning. A good morning routine can create an outlook of overcoming the day with positivity. Some activities that I regularly do everyday include:

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Get set for a rebound in November

aaron-burden-43446Recap and Prospects

It’s been a crazy couple of months. Blogging has taken a backseat to more immediate priorities, like moving in with a couple coworkers, visiting my brother in Kansas and taking care of my knee after an injury from tug-of-war. I was able to write a couple blogs, take a few photos and share my experience. Here’s a look back at the past month—reevaluating October gives me an opportunity to review what I’ve accomplished and where I can improve.

The Good, The Bad, The Unfortunate

A good thing from this month happened when my little brother and I visited my older brother in Kansas. We have gotten so good at traveling, we had absolutely no stress throughout the entire weekend. We bravely explored the streets of Kansas City, visited the World War I museum and experienced what Manhattan, Kansas had to offer without breaking a sweat. And we were able to save money by visiting family and sleeping at his house.

I was able to finish reading I Thought It Was Just Me by Brené Brown. It’s a wonderful book that explored the phenomena of shame experience and how people react to shame. She studied mostly women, but a lot of what she talked about applied to me. I related to feeling inadequate or feeling like I am flawed. Realizing that many feel similar to me, and realizing that I experience these feelings, gives me the self-awareness I need to combat negative feelings with positive thoughts.

My knee injury was incredibly unfortunate—I shouldn’t have played tug-of-war on that weakened knee. I was able to see a doctor afterwards, which reassured me that I could come back from the injury. I was also encouraged to go to Walmart and buy myself a cane, which I enjoyed using for about a week. I am now using a brace, but I still can’t run or play basketball.

Since reinjuring my leg, my fitness goals have taken a hit. I’m no where near my goal to dunk a basketball or run half a marathon; I’m barely getting back into the rhythm of working out again. My first priority is to heal and strengthen my knee—I’m nursing my knee until I’m able to run and play basketball like normal. I plan to sign up with a local gym and start waking up at 5:00 to get a workout in.

Planning for Progress in November

Looking forward, I have to stay positive. You attract what you think, and if I continue thinking positive, I’ll improve. Armed with the mentality to work with what I’ve got, I can start doing bodyweight exercises and continue practicing yoga everyday. I can also practice handstands, getting better with my balance.

My goals for November include:


  1. Heal knee
  2. Build a workout regimen five days a week
  3. Continue practicing Yoga every day


  1. Blog eight times in November, that’s twice a week
  2. Continue journaling everyday


  1. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnigie
  2. Finish listening to the audiobook of “Big Data Baseball.”
  3. Read “From Swords to Canes” (a silly book a buddy let me barrow)


  1. Create a budget for the month
  2. Pay off my deposit ($250 on top of rent and paying down student debt)
  3. Invest $200 into my Robinhood account
  4. Save $200

Practice and Virtue

One goal I really want to stick with this month is staying consistent with my blog. I needed to take a step back from researching vegan foods and writing my blog to move out of my parent’s house and into my own space. Now that I’ve settled in, I can get back to focusing on researching, reading, working out, and sticking to my daily habits.

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Developing daily and weekly habits to ensure I’m spending adequate time to each of these four areas of my life will greatly improve my chances of achieving the goals I’ve set fourth. I have to stay positive and stick to the plan, and in no time my leg will be healed and I’ll be well on my way towards running a marathon.

My weekend trip to Kansas City and Manhattan

bubblegum-153651A Short, Minimalist-Inspired Visit to Silicon Prairie

My younger brother and I took a trip to Kansas City and Manhattan in Kansas State to visit my older brother for the weekend. We packed three days and two nights’ worth of clothes into a couple backpacks and flew economy, having boarded a connecting flight from LAX to IAH to MCI. It was an awesome trip—and I only had to miss one day of work.

We bought basic economy tickets to Kansas City a month ago for $100 each from United Airlines—I found this deal after signing up with updates from Skyscanner for the best-priced flight from LAX to MCI.

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Organic and Proud

Popped my knee and waiting for my diagnosis

success-dhamala-407968Throughout life, we meet with adversity. Obstacles try to prevent us from achieving our goals, but those most persistent reach their goals in spite of the difficulties that come along with overcoming mental illnesses like depression or learning a new skill and mastering it. Champions look at adversity as a challenge to rise to the occasion. You are entirely capable of achieving the goals most important to you. Yes you can.

I am devastated by my most recent leg injury I sustained while playing tug-of-war at a company-sponsored event, but I continue to look up. There’s not much I can do to change the reality of my situation, but I’m in complete in control of how I react to these present challenges. Optimism is my defense against losing inspiration. That said, I want to tell the story of what happened.

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I moved out in a week and grew up

rose-erkul-36990This is not like my usual posts, but I’d like to share a personal experience today.

It’s a slow grind to the top to of Mt Everest, and sometimes climbers need to backtrack down the mountain to acclimate to higher altitudes. Anticipate altitude sickness, because climbers that do are better equipped to handle the challenges that lie on the journey ahead. Climbing Mt. Everest was never meant to be easy, it’s a test of fortitude, will, and perseverance. Mt. Everest isn’t just a mountain in Nepal, it’s our greatest challenge—it’s our purpose. What’s your Mt. Everest?

I moved out of my mom’s house and rented a room from a 36-year-old Filipino lady living in an apartment nearby my work. I hope to live here for only a few months until I can get my own space in better living conditions with people closer to my age. I just needed to get out of my situation and onto my own thing. As much as I love my family and as much money as I was saving, I just wasn’t in a healthy situation. I felt that moving out was the best decision for my mental and physical health.

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Reasons behind the choices that define vegans

meg-kannan-245874.jpgFrom my experience with veganism, the major differences between vegans and vegetarians are most tied to ethical reasons. Vegans choose to abstain from eating or using animal products for reasons that stem from an understanding and compassion for all living creatures, not just humans.

Big-bully companies in the meat and leather industry not only threaten our livelihood but the planet too. Veganism presents a solution to the issue of global warming, hate and cruelty in our world, and it starts with the choices we make about the foods we eat and products we use.

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