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Making it up as I go

Short post for my readers! I want to gain 20 pounds by the end of 2018. I currently weigh 165 at 6’0. Today, I ate significantly well even though I didn’t plan my meals—there are a few areas where I can improve, but for the most part, I did very well, having finished my day with 3654 calories.

What really helped to push me over the top was tracking my calories, causing me to make a protein shake before bed. I almost went to sleep until I added my information from the day into Cronometer and found out that I was short at least 400 calories to match my energy output—if I didn’t eat enough, I would be losing instead of gaining muscle even though I worked out. While some of my inputs are rough estimates, it really allowed me to highlight how much I actually ate in the day. So what I did was made myself a protein shake to fill that gap.

Here’s what I ate today:


  • 1 med Banana
  • 1 small Orange
  • 2 small Handful of Granola and pecans


  • Burrito made with whole wheat tortilla, quinoa, spanish rice, black beans, pinto beans, cooked bell peppers and onion, raw cilantro and onions, pico de Gallo, corn, and guacamole


  • Burrito made with white tortilla, beans and French fries
  • Jasmine Petal Tea, 20 OZ
  • Go Macro Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip bar
  • Protein shake made with soy milk, peanut butter, chia seed, flax seeds, and Vegan Smart protein powder.

screencapture-cronometer-1515136579629.jpgBy the end of the day, I drank four bottles worth of water, reaching 64 ounces for the day. In the morning, I lifted weights, so it was very important that I get more than enough calories so that I can be at a surplus and gaining weight. I feel good. Hopefully, this is the jumping point for a healthier and happier vegan future.