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Celebrating 100 Subscribers on my health and lifestyle blog, veganism and growth

seven-sisters-1462388_1920.jpgI just hit 100 subscribers. This marks a pivotal landmark in my blogging life. I’ve been blogging for about three years now, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve really picked up the pace and stayed dedicated to this creative outlet. I’ve grown a lot from when I first started, and here’s to looking forward to growing my readership another 100.

I want to tell you guys a little story of how I got started blogging. I didn’t really get serious until December of last year. Even then, I wasn’t entirely dedicated. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. I blogged about anything any everything—I often blogged about my day and other ideas that came to my mind. I didn’t get many readers at that time, but I was engaging in the practice of blogging, and that’s when I started to develop the habit.

I slowly learned which posts did better than others, and I also started to learn more about what posts I wanted to write about—posts about health, fitness, veganism and other aspects of life that are worth mentioning. I blog about living a healthy, happy life, because at the end of the day that’s what we’re all chasing. My goals eventually developed to reflect my beliefs, and now I blog mostly about the things that make life better.

As I started to pick up the pace and hone in on my niche, I developed a consistent flow that I kept, publishing posts twice a week. That’s where I started to really develop the flow of coming up with ideas, conducting research, writing posts, and editing to a deadline again.

What I liked the most was that I found myself referencing blog posts I’ve written to my friends in real life conversations. Posts like this one on turmeric or this one on oatmeal taught me a lot of information about the food that I didn’t know until I conducted the research and wrote the post. This helped me speak with an educated position on these subjects whenever they came up in conversation. I became the authority of health among my friends.

My journey as a blogger hasn’t always been positive. There was a good month where I wasn’t blogging, and in that month I was often out of control. I had poor eating and spending habits that left me beating myself up. It became difficult to blog while on the road or on vacation, especially since I hadn’t established a real blogging regimen at that time yet.

On the other hand, during the months that I did stay consistent, I felt better in control of my weeks. I had an obligation every Wednesday and Sunday to write on my blog that leads me to continue thinking about staying healthy. When I consistently blog, I’m better organized and I feel a responsibility that I need to uphold—I feel that I’m accomplishing something every time I post and receive feedback from another human.

This past month has been the best month for growth in both my blog and my personal life. A blood test proves that I am officially in the best shape of my life (albeit my knee injury); I’m maintaining a really good and tasty vegan diet, and I’m investing my money.

Here’s to another 100 subscribers. Here’s to another 100 friends that share the same interest, and 100 people that I can have a conversation with about our passionate about. Here’s to 100 more human beings that want to make the world a little better by spreading some love.


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