Life is a marathon, not a sprintI am starting a series that monitors my progress recovering from an injury to my left knee. I’ll check in every couple of weeks to monitor my progress towards achieving my goals.

I sustained a knee injury sometime in late April of this year after running 10k on a treadmill. I felt slight inflammation in my leg after that run but didn’t pay any mind to it until it worsened after playing a game of basketball on cement. Now, I am afraid I may have a slight tare on the tendon that connects on the outside of my left knee joint. When putting pressure on that portion of my knee, I feel soreness or pain.

I have not been able to play basketball or run for two months now, which is way too long. I am sad, to say the least. It devastates me to think that I won’t be able to play basketball again, but it’s because it’s my fault. I stubbornly warm up for some of my workouts at the gym playing basketball and instead reinjure my leg. My impatience causes me to hurt myself.


The past week, I set it in my mind to stay off my leg. My leg must heal, and that won’t happen if I continue aggravating it. My goal is to recover and run a half marathon. I eventually want to run a marathon, but I need to completely heal from this injury first.

I miss leg days. I miss running the basketball court. I miss doing all that stuff I used to be able to do, and it’s all because of my stubbornness. Now I know patience will lead me to recover. I need to stay off the leg.

I have a doctor’s appointment on July 31st, so hopefully, she will be able to give me a diagnosis on my knee, and I will have a definite answer of how I should go about healing.

I want to run again. I want to play basketball. This time away makes me really appreciate the fortunes I have been given in life: to be able to walk, jump, and run without difficulty. I appreciate this time off because it gives me time to recover from my injury and strengthen other parts of my body, such as my core and my upper body.

Looking Through a Different Lens

Instead of looking at this from a negative perspective, I see this as a blessing in disguise. I am now forced to stay off my leg and focus more on core exercises and improving my handstands.

Since my injury, I started a practice of meditating for five minutes in the morning, then proceeding to a ten-minute yoga session. I have succeeded in practicing Yoga for 41 days in a row without fail. I have turned my morning meditation and yoga practice into a keystone habit. This keystone habit primes my mind and body for the rest of the day. Not only does my mind feel limber after my morning sessions, my mind is calm. Once complete, I move on to preparing my breakfast: oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon and 500ml of warm water with lemon. Something that came from slowing down because of my injury.

Turmeric and Patience

To improve my healing, I bought turmeric because this root is highly beneficial for reducing inflammation and improving natural body function. In addition to these benefits, it’s not a bad tasting spice—it tempts me to find a recipe for curry and try it.

This injury caused me to slow down and relax, and I’m sad that I don’t get to play basketball. But in the end, it is how I go about perceiving the challenges I face in life and the manner in which I bare my difficulties that define character.