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Month: July 2017

The power of keystone habits, building a foundation for the future


Have you ever wanted to start up a new habit or break a bad one, but found it difficult to maintain a steady streak? This happens to a lot of us, but once those habits are set in place, it can be difficult to stop you from slowing climbing your way up the figurative mountain to achieving your goals. Understanding the concept of a keystone habit and learning how to use this information will help you control your actions and prime your mind for a day full of positivity and productivity.

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Why beginning vegans need to find their favorite food

Healthy is HappyMany people avoid going vegan because they fear they won’t find enough food to eat to feel satiated. Instead of acting in fear of this idea, embrace it. Eating fish, eggs, and dairy products serve as a crutch in a person’s diet, preventing individuals from exploring other foods and flavors found in fruits, vegetables, and legumes. What first started out as an experiment for me has now become a lifestyle I couldn’t imagine myself without.

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Recovering from a leg injury and valuing patience

Life is a marathon, not a sprintI am starting a series that monitors my progress recovering from an injury to my left knee. I’ll check in every couple of weeks to monitor my progress towards achieving my goals.

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Five Vegan Food Groups for Transitioning Beginners

5 Vegan Food Groups-2These Food Groups will Help You Go Vegan

So you want to go vegan, but you don’t know where to start.

When I first became interested in changing my diet four years ago, I read a book that changed the way I looked at how to look for food. “Main Street Vegan” by Victoria Moran gives beginners an entire run down to start out as a vegan. However, you don’t have to go through the entire book to start. 

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Two days walking through Venice, Italy

bubblegum-3940Venice was beautiful. As we walked through the city, we passed merchants selling all types of goods: fruits, vegetables, glasses, shirts, novelties, and masquerade masks. There is nothing else in the world like riding a gondola, eating pizza, and walking through the streets in the historic city of Venezia.

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European Mediterranean Cruise: Touristing in Roma, Italy

bubblegum-3719.jpgExploring Rome was a journey. There were so many people in Rome that day that it made it very difficult to see everything.

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On misfortune and uncertainty.

In life, there will be moments of sadness and heartache, and situations with explanations beyond our understanding. That is life. C’est la vie. These dichotomies are what make living on the spectrum of color, joy, wealth, and fortune worth it. Tomorrow’s uncertainty is today’s ambition. Fear of the unknown only hinders a person from experiencing life for all that it can offer. Freedom is living bold.


Ambition wakes me up at 5 AM.
Ambition tells me, “I can.”
Ambition pushes me to sweat.
Ambition tracks my progress.

Ambition is 100 push-ups before bed.
Ambition is reading on my free time.
Ambition is living vegan.
Ambition is practicing yoga before I even know what day it is.

Ambition is living up my dreams despite life’s obstacles.
Ambition leads to a life full of fulfillment.

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