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Two Days in Barcelona, Spain. A short tour on two buses.

IMG_3249BarcelonaBarcelona is a completely different life. The shops are closer together. Everyone walks to their destination, takes a bus, rides a bicycle, rides a motor bike or scooter, or drives a small car to their destination. The city is much closer.

Our apartment was tiny. There was only a small-living room that doubled as my room, a bathroom with a shower, a tiny closet-sized kitchen, and a single bedroom. To think that a family could live there is incredibly. In America, everyone has their own room, and even some people may have guest bedrooms for individuals who want to sleep over. Traveling is humbling, and my experience in Barcelona made really humbled me.

On the first day, we walked about four blocks to the Sigarda Familia, where I took a couple photos of the crowds. We boarded a blue tour bus around half of Barcelona. Then we switched over to a Red bus to complete the other half of the tour. But we barely scratched the surface. Throughout the city, walls were covered in graffiti. People were moving to go to some place, similar to the feeling of Los Angeles.

On the second day, my brother and I took the red bus over to the highest point in Barcelona that I remember seeing on our tour the first day so I could see the entire cityscape and take a photograph. We happened to get dropped off at the museu nacional d’art catalunya (MNAC), which I decided I wanted to go to. Displayed inside were different art paintings, architecture and design, and sculptures from Spanish artist during the 1500-1700s. Most of the art told the story of Jesus Christ through paintings with demons, archangels, beheadings, and Mother Mary breastfeeding Jesus Christ. It was raw, and representative of the values of that time period. And, while not what we would consider the closest representation of realism, it displays a particular story that can be referenced for people to perpetuate the catholic story.

Barcelona was awesome. While I only spent two days exploring the city, I think I could live in that city, teaching english as a foreign language and learning to speak Spanish myself. I enjoyed the short time I spent speaking Spanish to natives and walking the streets. I just love getting out of the country.

I am happy doing what I am doing here. Even if I had to spend a couple days a week working, the fact that Iā€™m out of the country and doing something entirely different than everyone else is making me very excited, and happy. Traveling makes me happy.


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