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Month: June 2017

I Want

I want to be a a yogi,
So I practice yoga
I want to be a writer,
So I write about everything.
I want to be strong
So I practice strength.
I want to be aware,
So I listen and I read.
I want to be creative,
So I create.
I want to be loved
So I love
every chance I get.

First Stops on a Mediterranean Cruise: Nice, France and Livorno, Italy

IMG_3650We spent our first nights aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Brilliance of the Sea. Our first stop was Nice, France. 

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Two Days in Barcelona, Spain. A short tour on two buses.

IMG_3249BarcelonaBarcelona is a completely different life. The shops are closer together. Everyone walks to their destination, takes a bus, rides a bicycle, rides a motor bike or scooter, or drives a small car to their destination. The city is much closer.

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Coming Back from Holiday in Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro.

IMG_3102I just returned from a two-and-a-half week trip to Mediterranean Europe. I visited Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro all within a very short span of time. My trip was a buffet platter of cultures that gave me a small glimpse into the lives of how others live in that part of the world. The landscape was beautiful, the people welcoming, and the experience insightful. The travel bug bit me pretty hard, and now I can’t wait to share my experience.

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