IMG_3104Day 1 & 2

Over these past two days, I travelled from Los Angeles to Barcelona. My family and I are spending a few days near Sigarda Familia at a place called Lodging Apartments before heading out this Thursday on a cruise ship to Italy, France, Montenegro, and Croatia. I am on vacation.

I packed about a week’s worth of clothes, my 11-inch macbook, an iPhone, a YI 4K action camera, a canon SL1, and all the necessary chargers, cords, and storage devices I need in order to maintain enough energy and memory space on all my equipment. I’m ready.

I’ve been vlogging on my Instagram, and I’ve also been recording short vlogs here and there on the YI 4K when I remember to talk to the camera. I’ve also recorded plenty of timelaspe shots. After I return, I plan to create some film project of my entire trip, so I’m recording as much content as I can without overwhelming myself. While I want to create lots of cool content and videos, I also want to make sure I enjoy myself, and that sometimes means that I need to turn off all electronics and just enjoy the experience.

The Trip

Our first flight took about ten hours, which I was awake for probably nine hours of those hours. I probably only slept two hours in the past two days, but it’s ok because the excitement is giving me enough energy.

We took the red-eye flight, which left LAX at 8:00 PM (PST) and flew the entire night to Dublin. We got to Dublin at 2:30 PM (Dublin time), and then waited for four hours for our connecting flight to Barcelona. Our flight was delayed about 30 minutes, but that didn’t bother me at all. While waiting, I walked around the airport. I bought The Graduate by Charles Webb so that I’ll have a novel to read on my flight and when I have some leisure time I want to kill. I should be reading more often, and traveling is the perfect opportunity to read and write while I’m waiting to get to my destination.

Ireland is nice. The people are fairly nice. There are a few apathetic employees that I ran across, but for the most part, the Irish are like Americans. I really enjoyed listening to their accents, so as soon as I touched down, I started practicing their accent; “Aye, just touched down in ‘Eye-err-land’,” making sure to gently roll the ‘r’ and emphasize the “eye.” The Irish accent is very close to the Scottish accent, which is essentially the Dwarven accent I use when I play Dungeons and Dragons, so I was having a great time.


Our next flight left Dublin at 8:00 PM (Dublin time). That flight was quick. We arrived in Barcelona only two hours after we left. Our chuffer met us after we claimed our baggage. He held an iPad with “Resty Grey” written across the front in big letters.

He dropped us in front of an apartment building with the front door locked and no way to communicate with my stepmom, my brother, and my other auntie who were already inside. He pointed at the address number and said “373,” so I assume it was the place. I didn’t know.

We waited outside for about 30 minutes until my step mom checked the window to see if we were waiting. She came down and let us in. My dad decided that he’d sleep downstairs with the ladies and leave my brother and I to our own apartment upstairs. I think the apartments were about €350 for three nights. Each apartment is equipped with a bathroom, a kitchen, a small living space that doubles as a bedroom, and a bedroom. While tiny, it shows that we don’t really need much to survive, just a few amenities and a small space clean yourself and to cook.

So far so good. Tomorrow, we explore Barcelona on a Tourist Bus.