Pain is temporary, Quitting Last Forever.I got as far as the phone interview, and that was it. I was doomed from the moment the woman asked me if I had finished reading both documents. I hadn’t. Maybe that was my fault for not prioritizing those documents; but, in my defense, I was under an incredibly tight time schedule.

The Interview

I turned in my application Friday, received a phone call Monday evening scheduling a phone interview for Tuesday afternoon. I work at six in the morning, meaning my major priority that evening was getting enough sleep. I read one of the documents, the one that I thought had greater importance, the document detailing the information about what would be required of me on the job, and I decided not to read the FAQ, because, well frankly, I didn’t think I had any questions. And I didn’t. I watched so many YouTube videos on the subject, as I read the FAQs, I thought to myself, “I know all this stuff. Dave Trippin talked about a lot of this in his videos.”

It wasn’t until the next day that I found out that they didn’t want me to return for a phone interview. I received an e-mail from the woman that interviewed me. She said, while I have the personality and mindset to pursue a career in teaching, I didn’t have enough experience with children.

As soon as I read this, I started coming up with several instances where I managed large groups of children. In addition to my experience growing up in a Filipino family—which gave me LOTS of experience—I also had plenty of experience managing children while working at the comic shop. Not only did I host tournaments for kids, I taught children to play card games and board games. Families freaking loved me. It was my fault for not making that apparent in our interview conference.

What If?

What if I had been better prepared? What if I had watched more YouTube videos? What if I had rushed home and read that FAQ? What if I lied to the interviewer and told her I had read it instead of telling the truth? There are so many other possibilities, so many other ‘what if’s that could have warranted a different outcome. Maybe if I had been better prepared, I would have been invited to the follow-up interview. Once there, would I have gotten the job? Speaking over the phone definitely doesn’t show my ability to work hard.

I would have been the perfect teacher for Interac. Loyal. Understanding. Competent. But I guess life wants me to go into a different direction.

I am a strong believer in fate. Opportunities close to keep me around for a different opportunity. Even though I failed the interview, I won’t quit trying to become a teacher.

I Won’t Quit.

I only fail if I quit trying. I have to continue turning in applications, requesting for letters of recommendation, and retrieving all the necessary documents to grant me eligibility. I need to continue pursuing my goal zealously. I can’t quit.

I plan to apply for the EPIK program. Maybe I won’t get in that one either, but I’ll continue applying. I’ll continue pursuing a life in another country. I need this.