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Month: April 2017

A letter to the friends I have lost

When i think of you, I still love you dearly. 
Though we may not have spoken in a while, and while we may never get a chance to speak to one another again, the memories I’ve shared with you still resonate strongly with me. You are a part of me. The relationship we shared shaped me into the person that I am today. I thank you for that, and, while, unfortunately, our paths have deterred from one another, know that I’ll always have love for you. 


resty g.

Looking at an injury in a different light

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different”- Oprah WinfreyIf not approached correctly, stress injuries can be a death sentence for an athlete. However, in most cases, an injury can be viewed under many different lights. For me, my knee injury has opened my eyes and told me to slow down and focus on other aspects of my health.

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I failed the interview with Interac

Pain is temporary, Quitting Last Forever.I got as far as the phone interview, and that was it. I was doomed from the moment the woman asked me if I had finished reading both documents. I hadn’t. Maybe that was my fault for not prioritizing those documents; but, in my defense, I was under an incredibly tight time schedule.

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Korea or Japan? Just do it

I completed the TEFL. I can start applying for jobs in both Korea and Japan. Of course I will apply to the both major dispatch companies, EPIK for Korea and JET for Japan, but I also want to do research on more areas in Japan that would give me similar benefits of Korea. I want to go to Japan, but Korea has greater financial incentives.

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