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Answering the question, “Why do I blog?”

“It just happens to be the way that I_m made. I have to write things down to feel I fully comprehend them.”- Haruki MurakamiThere are billions of people in the world, and a lot of them blog for a variety of reasons. Some write to earn a living, others to make friends, but everyone for unique purposes. Here is why I blog.

To Express

Blogging is a form of expression. Blogging is a direct extension of its creator. Blogging allows the writer to share his or her beliefs, dreams, and passions. Blogging depicts the object that captures the gaze of the writer. Blogging is human.

Writing is like looking into your reflection; with writing, you are able to see parts of yourself that you would not have been able to see otherwise. Your blog posts are like the scars that trigger pleasant or terrible to go along with it. Blogging is life.

To Reach Out

Blogging allows me to reach a greater audience than I would have otherwise. Meeting with like-minded people is a rarity that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

A lot of times, people with similar ideas don’t necessarily have all the same experiences. When individuals with similar interest get together, they fill the spaces left by human limitations. People help people. It’s simple. Reaching out to other people in hopes of finding someone who may be struggling with similar tribulations gives me strength to take on the obstacles in the day.

Blog posts are like shared experiences. When I craft a post, I am putting an experience or idea onto my blog where others can draw upon the same lessons I have learned. Blogging is like throwing yourself into an abyss where many others may be able to reach out and listen. You can often find gems among the raw, unrefined products of underground bloggers.

To Inspire

Sometimes when I read other blogs, I find myself putting myself into the position of the speaker. When a blogger mentions activities, I often see myself committing those actions or making those plans or analyzing those topics. Blogging is escapist. It helps me visualize ideas I would not have been able to do otherwise.

When I blog, I hope to do the same. I hope to inspire others to continue to pursue productivity and creativity. Through blogging, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions.

Blogging, building a community with one another, reading one another’s life stories, learning about one another’s beliefs and dreams, and connecting people with one another, is all a part of human life. The reason why I blog is to live and share my life with others.

Why do you blog?


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  1. jdepalatis

    Thank you Resty, this truly touched my heart. I remember this question I asked you on Saturday and seeing your answer here, it just it shows me so clearly what you where explaining. We write to express, to inspire, to create, to understand. We write life.
    …I started writing again this week for the first time in a long time and I felt that rush you get when everything from your mind starts flooding onto the paper. I suppose not everyone loves the feeling but then again not everyone is a writer.

    • jdepalatis

      That you were explaining (Ha)
      Not where

    • I’m glad 😀 that’s exactly what I want to do with my writing. I’m glad that you started writing again. Hopefully I can see you blogging soon :]

  2. I like to think one of the reason I blog, is to make other’s think

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