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I decided to travel abroad to teach English

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only the first page-2My desire for wanderlust has never been more exuberant than now. I’ve been thinking of ways that I can travel and still make enough money to pay down my student loans and live comfortably, and I finally decided to pursue a job abroad teaching English.

Reality Check

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to travel the US in a van. I still have this goal, but I was hit with a reality check when I started doing research on how much it would cost to buy a nice van, customize it to my liking, and still have enough left over to pay off my student loans and save for the upcoming year-long trip. On my current income, I’m looking at a good four-year project, and that’s if I stop drinking lattes and start drinking all my coffee black and only on Wednesdays.

Over the past week, I watched lots of videos on YouTube of travellers around the world. I watched people driving kombis. I watched full-time travel vloggers. I watched videos on “how to pack like a minimalist.” While it’s beautiful to see the places these people have been, it’s the sheer idea of the travelling that sparks joy in me.

I like to watch travel videos for the perspective each creator takes to their journey. I like to follow people that have a good outlook on life and would like to share positive experiences with the rest of the world, spreading a positive message. Just the idea of travelling gets me excited.

Dreaming Again

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have a father that has taken me to many places. I have been to places all throughout California, and I’ve been to Mexico, Hawaii, New York, Virginia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Phillipines. I was fortunate to have this experience, and watching these YouTube videos ignited the burning desire to travel once again.

I want to leave because I know there’s more to life than working eight hours a day, five days a week just doing whatever to make ends meet. I want to experience a new culture and immerse myself into something different.

Earning a teaching certificate and heading abroad to teach English to children native to that country would be the best way to get free lodging and find a place where I can earn money and focus on improving myself. I want to read lots of books, and I feel like the people around me and the distractions I face as an American are hindering my ability to do this. I don’t want to be in this area anymore. It is creatively stifling. I hate it here.

Selfishly, I just want to get the fuck out of dodge. I want to get away. I want to fly far away where nobody knows my name. I want to know what it’s like to live where I’m not afraid I’ll see someone I know and have to hide my face. I want to be where I can be anybody I wanted to be—of course I’ll be myself, but I can be my true self without feeling like I’m judged by the people around me.

Maybe I’ll learn quickly that that’s an impossible dream, but I’ll never know until I leave.

I know I can do it. I just have to be willing. This time next year, I’ll be a healthy travelling vegan living in Europe, Asia, or Southern America, teaching English to children native to the area. I’ll learn a new language, immerse myself in a different culture, and just learn to live life away from this American bullshit.

The Plan

My primary goal right now is to earn a CELTA certificate and head out to another country and teach English to young children. I’ll experience the land, and spend time reading, cooking, and just learning how to live. I obviously haven’t been there yet, but I think that experience will be worth it.

The CELTA program starts in August or September, meaning I have until July to save $3,000 to pay for the program—and that’s just for tuition. I may need to pay an additional $1,000 for a room, which doesn’t include food or entertainment—not that I go out much anyways.

I really don’t have another option. I don’t want another option. I don’t want to live in America right now. I want to explore the world. I don’t want to be tied down to a job, so pay $4,000 for a yearlong experience where I can get paid to work, sign me up.

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  1. I’m literally doing the exact same thing, although I’m just doing an online TEFL course for a slither of the cost.. Might be worth yourself looking into it if you want to get going quicker?! Good luck man!

    • Awesome, brotha. Hope we can run into each other on our travels.
      I looked into the TEFL, and while it does provide certification to teach abroad, I have read that the CELTA program is much more comprehensive, and I am one who likes to prepare. There is actually an in-class TEFL course in San Diego hosted by Oxford Seminars that I may attend, but I have yet to decide. I have until mid April. I appreciate the suggestions, dude! Good luck to you as well!

      • I have to admit, I’m a bit apprehensive about mine not being sufficient, just got to smash the interviews! Good luck man, hopefully bump into you down the road!

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