you-have-succeeded-in-life-when-all-you-really-want-is-only-what-you-really-needMy life is cluttered with too much stuff. I find myself easily distracted, constantly tidying up, and never on task for more than 30 minutes. I need to go through a physical and mental detox of all things that don’t matter. I need to become a minimalist.


Earlier today, I organized files on my Evernote and came across old journals from 2012. I thought differently back then, to say the least. In some of my entries, I wrote about my trip to Southeast Asia in 2011, my accomplishments from my first semester at CSUSM, and goals I wanted to accomplish after finishing college. I’m proud of what I had accomplished in that point in time. Reading those old journal entries lead me to reflect on my life.

Going through old journals made me realize what’s most important. Over the years, many things have changed. I don’t hang out with the same friends I used to. I don’t listen to the same music. I don’t read the same books. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. But one thing remains the same; I still want to experience life.

As I went through old journals, one theme remained strong throughout all my entries, and that’s the desire to explore life through travel and relationships. In many of my journal entries, I wrote about religion, society, art, popular culture, politics, and pretty much anything my mind could think of. But what I found most interesting were the entries that described my feeling during the time.

Whenever I came across writing that talked about my goals or accomplishments, I became thoroughly interested. I poured over the text, reading everything I could as fast as I could, analyzing the differences between then and now. I’ve accumulated a lot of meaningless stuff over the years and I need to get rid of it.

What is most important?

Now that I’m older, I still want to travel the US, but now it seems a lot more practical. What seems like the best course of actions is to get rid of all the stuff in my life that doesn’t contribute to my goals.

I need to become a minimalist. Becoming a minimalist means keeping only the stuff that most matters to me, and uncluttering the rest of my life that doesn’t. That means getting rid of old clothes, old books, and all the old material I won’t be using anymore. It means saying goodbye to things that I thought meant a great deal to my life, but really only contribute to the clutter. It means organizing my life so the important things are always in front of me. I need to unclutter and get rid of all the stuff that isn’t important to me anymore.

I believe that becoming a minimalist will help me to improve my focus. With so many distractions in life, it can be difficult to keep steady pursuing one goal. But that’s what sets people apart from one another. The people willing and able to resist temptation and distraction, and able to focus solely on their goal are the people that get furthest in life. Minimalism isn’t about having the least amount of stuff; it’s about having only the stuff that will keep me focused on the things that bring happiness.

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