we-travel-not-to-escape-life-but-for-life-not-to-escape-usIt’s official. My family and I booked a flight to Europe in May. While I haven’t yet hashed out the details of the entire trip, I know that I’ll get to visit Spain before boarding a cruise ship to France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. I am very excited, to say the least.

Mentally Preparing Myself

I don’t have a definitive checklist of things to bring yet, but I’ve begun compiling a mental list. I plan to pack a week’s worth of clothes that includes athletic gear, day-to-day clothes, and my trusty dodgers hat. I plan to save at least $1,000 of spending money just in case I need anything. And, I also plan to pack all my blogging material, including my camera, my laptop, and my Midori traveller’s journal.

I’m using this opportunity to practice minimalist travelling, only requiring the bare minimum to walk around, capture photos, and blog. While I’d like to edit videos while I’m there, I won’t have enough time to save enough to buy a laptop and a computer, so I’ll have to settle with producing really kick-ass photography, prose, and material for my readers to enjoy.

I’m excited to travel. One of the goals I set out to accomplish this year was to travel to four places outside of California, and this definitely fits that criteria. I get to travel to more than six different European cities. I’ll crush my travel goals for this year.

Blessed with Good Fortune

My parents tell me the trip cost around $2,500 a head before food and tourist expenses. I’m blessed to have parents willing to take me on a trip with them and pay for the plane ticket, boarding pass for the boat, and food. My dad tells me, “you’ve been a good kid,” but it’s hard to accept that just being good gave me this opportunity. I’ll be paying for any additional entertainment, including tours, museums, and events, but that’s really a small price to pay considering the whole trip. I am definitely lucky, and grateful to have this chance to visit another part of the world. Thanks, parents.

As I plan for this trip, I need to remember that it’s still a ways away. I need to stay on top of my goals in anticipation of this trip, and work harder than I ever have before. I can use this trip as an incentive to continue working hard, because this, essentially, is the ultimate goal—to experience life.

Only Three Months Away

My flight leaves on May 22 and I won’t come back until June 6. I won’t return to work until June 8, which means I’ll have to crack down on my work and start pushing out pages like my job depended on it, because it kind of does. While preparing for the entire trip will be a challenge for me, I’m convinced that I need to earn my good karma. I plan to continue pursuing my fitness, writing, and finance goals, and work to earn this good fortune.

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