Release Stress and Focus on Happiness

Some days, inspiration runs thin. The pool of creativity falls victim to neglect, and the murky water sits collecting leaves, dead bugs, and debris. The distractions of life leave nowhere left to swim. You’re stuck.

It can be difficult to stay creative day in and day out. One day, depression hits and you find that you’ve wasted days lying in bed, failing to put any effort into anything. But you’ve mustered enough energy to finally get up.

Finding Your Outlets

When I feel blue and uninspired, and feel like shutting myself off from the world, I turn to physical activity to unclutter the mess from my mind. I remove myself from the responsibilities of life for a moment, similar to the way Dumbledore’s pensieve works to absolve him from the burden of his memories, and I just enjoy being alive.

Some days I run. When the sun shines and the temperature is just right, I slip into running gear, lace up a pair of running sneakers, and take off out the door. My feet match the beat of the music—usually hip-hop. I feel energy pumping through my thighs as my legs propel me forward. I urge myself to the next checkpoint, and the next, and the next.

Other days, I play basketball. I grab an old Spalding, the grip entirely scuffed away, and I drive out to the nearest park with a hoop. I dribble the basketball on the black top, and the sound of the bounce is like the gunshot to the start of a race—I’m off. Leading with my left. I drive to the basket and easily lay it off the glass. I catch my change and dribble towards the other basket. I pull up to the three-point line and let it fly. My arm hangs in the air, the right hand bent in a swan and my left hanging at my side. The sound of the swish from the net catching the basketball is like music to my ears my ears. All I think about is playing.

How Can Physical Activity Help the Rest of My Life?

With any physical activity, there are small tasks to accomplish. Learning to run efficiently with good form or learning to dribble and shoot takes practice. These accomplishments aid in a person’s progression. Progress inspires activity. Success inspires success.

For those that read my previous post about little victories, they know how I feel about continuing to hold on to small victories and how these small accomplishments can inspire creativity in a person. Running a mile, shooting a basket, or completing something as easy as lifting weights leaves a person with a feeling of accomplishment, inspiring a person to continue to pursue more and more accomplishments through other avenues in their life. Victories on the basketball court can translate into victories in the classroom, at home, or at the office.

Detoxify the Body and Mind

Another reason why physical activity inspires creativity is, engaging in physical activity detoxifies the body. The murky pool of water we talked about earlier gets cleaned every time you sweat from activity. Fun fact! Fat cells store toxins, so when a person detoxifies their body, it becomes easier to loose weight. The less toxins in the body, the more energy your body has left over to focus on maintaining good-standing health.

Getting rid of the toxins, both physical and mental toxins, as we take on the stresses of life can be essential to our wellbeing. The bottom line is that physical activity can alleviate the mind from distractions and get a person back on track towards accomplishing their goals. Getting out and detoxifying the mind can indirectly lead to inspiration by investing energy in easy and attainable goals.

What inspires you to stay creative?

Do physical activities have the same impact on your life?

Let me know in the comments below!

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