roadrunner2017 Goals, Part 3 of 4

Continuing the blog series about my goals, I created a section this year titled “Miscellaneous.” While these goals don’t fall underneath any of my major categories, fitness, writing, or finance, they’re just as important to my overall wellbeing as all the rest.My goals are:

  • Quit social media for six months
  • Build a computer or buy a new laptop.
  • Travel to eight local places and four places away from home

Quitting Social Media

Social media takes away so much of my time and energy. I remember spending hours scrolling through photos and tweets of my friends, not doing anything but spectating. Staying off Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat frees up so much time and thinking space to focus on my other goals, like reading books and writing this blog.

I say six months because I don’t want to forget about my friends forever. And I think by six months, I’ll be in a better position in my life to be able to balance having social media in my life again. I also want to remove the aspect of utilizing social media for news. I don’t like how the news has been curated, meaning everyone following social media will follow the same type of news. If you’re on twitter, everyone on twitter follows the same “trends”—a little sheepish if you ask me. I am not saying that social media doesn’t have valuable merits; I’m just saying that relying on social media as a source of news can be dangerous.

So far, quitting has been good. I’ve thought about using social media a few times, but I’ve been disciplined to refrain from posting or even logging in. I’ve spent more time and thought power towards being productive, I don’t want to go back to using social media, but I know there are friendships I’ve made that I don’t want to lose—but maybe that’s an illusion.

Building a Rig

I want to build a rig (or buy a laptop) because I’ve grown out of my little 11-inch Mac. I need more processing power than 1.3GHz, more memory than just 4GB, and I need more space than just 11-inches.

In college, it was an unwise decision to buy this 11-inch mac in the first place, but as a hipster writer, I imagined only wanted to write for the rest of my life. I didn’t think about additional creative works I’d be interested in, and so I limited myself to only a writing tool.

Instead, I should have gone with the 13-inch MacBook Air because it has so much more on-screen real estate. I could view more of an image and utilize more of the screen to improve my productivity. Instead, I sacrificed size for portability, even though the 13-inch was already pretty portable. Maximizing portability in this instance was not smart. Now I don’t have an SD card reader built into my laptop and I have limited screen space to accomplish my tasks. I can focus on only one task without the ability to lay documents side by side without feeling cramped. This makes accomplishing work difficult. Not to mention all the complications a 1.3GHz processor can do.

I suppose my laptop still works, and I will definitely utilize it for the rest of the year, but investing in a proper rig or a strong laptop sometime later this year could improve my productivity.

Traveling and Staying Inspired

I want to travel to 8 local places, meaning places in Southern California that I’ve never been to, and 4 places away from Southern California just so I can experience more of what life has to offer.

Working from 6 AM – 2:30 PM, working out, writing, and reading can get tiring if done every day. So, inspire me to continue exploring the world, I made it a goal to leave my home once a month.

I plan to spend a weekend in San Diego, and drive up to San Francisco to hang out with my little brother, and take a cruise with my family. I plan to just explore different mom-and-pop shops, hole in the walls, and unique places only specific to the location I visit. I want to move away from corporate America, and move into exploring what else is out there.

Having the goal of travelling to 12 different places gives me the incentive to go somewhere every month, and I believe that would be enough to inspire something bigger.

These are my “Miscellaneous” goals for this year because I believe these, in addition to my other nine goals, will contribute to my creativity, my wellness, and my happiness.

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