IMG_2095.JPGWe’ve survived another trip around the Sun and taken great strides towards our future. No matter whether we’ve chalked 2016 up as a good or bad year, we’ve grown another year wiser.

Last year, I set out towards several goals that gradually took to the wayside in favor of television and social media. But that’s not to say I didn’t have a good and productive year.

In 2016, I graduated from college, moved back in with my parents, worked at a comic shop, found a writing job, read several books, started investing in stocks, met several new people, lost many people, and quit smoking cigarettes.

I’m healthier than I was in 2015. Since I quit cigarettes and started focusing on going to the gym, I’m stronger and faster than I was, with still more untapped potential to unlock. I’m not dunking, but I’m jumping higher. I don’t have a six-pack, but I’ll beat most players on the basketball court regardless of their fitness; however, there are those with great athleticism and a high basketball IQ that I admire, though I earn their mutual respect as a solid defender or teammate.

For 2017, I want to focus on my goals. Now that I don’t have school to occupy my mind, and I have solid income working a full-time job as a writer, I can budget my time and money into areas that will put me into the best position to always be ready.

My ultimate goal is to live, experience the world, and I can achieve that through being healthy and having financial freedom.

For 2017, I’m going to slowly move up the mountain towards my goals using a short list of 12 major goals.

  1. Read 24 Books
  2. Blog Consistently
  3. Write everyday
  4. Go Vegan for 3 months
  5. Run a marathon
  6. Finally Dunk
  7. Save $5,000 in a liquid savings account for the rainy season
  8. Invest in stocks and hold a portfolio worth $5,000
  9. Pay down $5,000 of my student loans
  10. Travel to 4 places outside of Southern California and 8 places in Southern California
  11. Quit Social Media
  12. Build a computer or buy a new laptop

Over the month of January, I’ll go into more detail about each section on my list so I can break it down to much more attainable goals.

Blog #013