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Month: January 2017

The Runner’s Mentality

just-keep-runningRunning taught me the valuable lesson of self-dependency.

To me, running is more than just a physical activity. Running is a time where I can be alone against the track, against myself. It’s a sport that involves no one else but me.

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Not-So-Random Goals, and How They Help Me Stay Creative

roadrunner2017 Goals, Part 3 of 4

Continuing the blog series about my goals, I created a section this year titled “Miscellaneous.” While these goals don’t fall underneath any of my major categories, fitness, writing, or finance, they’re just as important to my overall wellbeing as all the rest.

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Gaining Financial Independence Though Wise Money Management

NEW-2.png2017 Goals, Part 2 of 4

While many people don’t want to admit it, finance management is a huge part of our lives, but not many people know how to manage it.

In our consumer-laden society, people often find themselves spending more money than they earn. Prices are exceptionally high—the price of missing out or the price of becoming excluded can weigh heavily on the mind.

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Progress Takes Time, Using the Past to Visualize the Future


img_2146I ran 10k yesterday. I wanted to make sure I could do it before entering a race in March, so I tested the water and made it across.

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Shifting Monthly Goals to Accommodate Wellness

IMG_628692F73474-1.jpegToday is January 15, which means we’re half way through the first month of 2017. This is the perfect time to reevaluate our goals for and manage how we’re doing.

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we get so involved with the day-to-day events and forget about the bigger picture. It’s good to take time to review the month’s trajectory, and make any changes to future plans to accommodate for the bigger picture. So, since it’s the middle of the month, I propose we all take a step back and look at what we’ve already accomplished, and then recalibrate our direction for the future.

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Learning Good Lessons from a Bad Experience with a Barista


I had a bad experience that taught me to take bad experiences in stride.

Every week, I like to go to a local Starbucks to sit down and write a blog post. Today was that day. However, instead of minding my own business as I usually do, the barista’s attitude got the best of me.

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Health Goals for 2017: Vegan, Running, Basketball, and Growing Compassion


Goals for 2017, Part 1 of 4

Last week, I wrote about my goals for 2017. Breaking them down into several categories: health, writing, finance, and everything else. I wanted to go into detail about each section and how I came up with each set.

Health, a topic that has been a large focus in my life over the past four years, and which was my theme for 2016—Healthy is Happy—has grown into an obsession, warranting its own category this year, and probably for the rest of my life. I even considered making it my theme for 2017 too.

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A Vegan Athlete’s All-Natural Recovery Potion

img_2359Sweet and Tart Beet Juice

As an avid basketball player, runner, yoga practitioner, and weight lifter, I look for different ways to reduce the amount of time spent recovering and increase the amount of time spent on the court, on the pavement, on my mat, or in the gym. Drinking beet juice does all this for me, as well as can help my mom lower her blood pressure, too.

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My Twelve Goals for 2017

IMG_2095.JPGWe’ve survived another trip around the Sun and taken great strides towards our future. No matter whether we’ve chalked 2016 up as a good or bad year, we’ve grown another year wiser.

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