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Shopping for a New Laptop, But Won’t Buy Until Late 2017

Blog #003

I want a new laptop. I’ve grown out of my current 11-inch MacBook Air, and so I want to upgrade to a larger, more powerful laptop.

I’ve researched into the Razer Blade Stealth, the Dell XPS, the Lenovo Yoga, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and the new MacBook Pro without the touch bar. I want an ultra book. I want a laptop that gives me more screen real estate and something that can support video editing and light gaming well, but still have portability—I don’t want regrets after I’ve invested into a product that’s probably going to run me around $1,500.

img_1927I purchased my daily driver back in 2013 when I first began attending CSUSM. At the time, I felt the 11-inch screen and bottom-end specs would be adequate for what I needed it for—media consumption and writing school papers. Since then, I’ve graduated and grown out of its use. The processing power is too weak and the screen is too small, something 2013 Resty didn’t think 2016 Resty would care about down the road. Needless to say, I should have purchased the slightly bigger 13-inch MacBook Air and I think I would not be thinking about an upgrade right now.

When I bought the 11-inch MacBook Air, I chose to give up the benefits that come with a 13-inch laptop in favor of portability. It served its purpose when I was going to school. I graduated. I carried my laptop everywhere on campus with no issue of weight at all. I even road my bike to school the first couple semesters. I utilized the MacBook for what I intended to use it for throughout my college career, and I’m grateful, but now that college is over, I want to do more creative things.

During college, an 11-inch MacBook was perfect—maybe not perfect, but it worked well enough for a somewhat-hipster student majoring literature and writing. But, now that I’ve graduated, I want to do more with my tools. I want to edit videos, edit photography, learn code, host my own website, and occasionally play games. I want to do a bunch of creative things that perpetuate creativity, and I feel like purchasing another, much more powerful laptop could encourage me to produce more creative things—I know, that’s not a great way to think, but I’m just trying to be transparent here.

img_2182I’m just being spoiled. My MacBook still has a good 2-4 years left in it before I really need to upgrade. It’s a bad time to invest in a laptop anyways.

I want to do more with my time, but I haven’t even tried to start producing with my current MacBook. Other than writing papers and watching YouTube videos, I don’t really do much else with my laptop. I haven’t tried.

Last week, I opened iMovie for the first time, and I fiddled with the controls. I can edit vlogs and short films using iMovie without buying professional video editing software, I’m sure. I just need to go out and take videos of the world, my world, and cut and edit my favorite things.

It’s really about consistency—to be a good producer, a person needs to be consistent no matter what content is produced. Whether one wants to be a good producer of films, news articles, music, basketball tricks, juice or good nature, a person just needs to practice. It’s not the stuff you have; it’s the stuff inside you that counts.

Company Christmas Party


Blog #009

The company I work for held its annual Christmas party for its employees, and my buddy, Gil, and I both won prizes.

Gil, his girlfriend, Nicole, and I all rode in my 2005 Civic hatchback down to the far end of Temecula where the wineries are located. Each employee was given a raffle ticket upon entering the large, mansion-like building. The odds of both of us winning prizes that night must have been slim.

When the CEO of our company called my number, it felt surreal. I jumped out of my chair. “That’s me!” I said, turning to a friend sitting next to me. I took a couple steps towards the table of gifts and hit dem folk (danced).

I picked the smaller box that had a fair amount of weight to it that I thought could be some electronic. I ended up with a Fitbit Alta, which I wasn’t incredibly excited for, but still acted like it. I already have the first generation Apple Watch, so I don’t really need a Fitbit, but it’s cool that I won. I plan to sell the Fitbit and use the money to buy gifts for my family, or re-gift it if I don’t sell it before Christmas.

It’s a shame I was selected so late compared to everyone else because the other winners received Beats headphones, Bose headphones, an iPad Air, an Xbox, a PS4, and a few other cool electronics.

I’m a little disappointed. I had a chance at choosing a Samsung soundbar instead of the Fitbit, but I choose the smaller box without really thinking of what could have been the prizes—I should have went with the chair-looking gift. I didn’t want to select the large gift because a coworker I met that night said that if she had won, she would have wanted to select the large item—in hindsight, the odds of her winning right after me could have been incredibly small, so I should have just went for the item anyways.

I’m also disappointed I didn’t get the iPad Air because that’s an item I’ve been shopping for quite some time. But, I really can’t be too disappointed. At least I won something. It was exciting to be randomly selected out of about 100 employees in attendance.

It was nice to see everyone looking fresh. Everyone dressed snazzy, looking spiffy in suits and ties and jackets. Many of the women wore dressed. Scott, an employee in the SEO maintenance department, wore a black trench coat that made him look like he worked for the mafia.

All the workers mingled, and a few of them got a little tipsy off wine spritzers and bottled beer. I definitely enjoyed hanging out with a few of the friends I’ve made working at the website company.

Next year, if I’m still working for the company, and if I win again, I’m picking the chair-looking gift.

Reviewing 2016, Brainstorming 2017

Blog #008

I’ve been busy, to say the least. Over the past four months, I’ve been working a full-time job at a website building company. I go to the gym almost everyday, though I haven’t been lifting much lately—instead I’ve been playing a lot of basketball. But, I’m stubborn. I’m not letting my body heal, so I’m not progressing physically as quickly as I could. My body needs to recover.

The New Year is just around the corner, which means I need to reevaluate my goals, and come up with some new ones. I have a few goals that I wrote sometime in the last three months, but I’ve been so busy that I have not spent time organizing.

I want to run a 10k, and maybe a half marathon. I want to save at least $5,000 into my brokerage account, and another $5,000 in a liquid savings account. I want to pay off $5,000 of my student loans, and I want a new laptop. I want to start producing more creative material. I want to take more photos. I want to be fit. I want to read more books. I still want to dunk—which I’m getting closer—I just need to stay patient and stay consistent. This is a good general idea of what I want to do, but I need to organize my goals so I can work towards achieving them every week, every day.

I fell off this last couple of month of this year. I just get so distracted with life sometimes. But I’m lucky. I catch lucky breaks—like this job; I shouldn’t have gotten this job, but somehow the universe said it was right for me. I’m thankful, because I’m writing a lot. I write everyday. I write an average of three pages a day, which is excellent practice to exercise my typing. But I don’t write much creative material. I mean, my work is somewhat creative—I have to generate new material from interviews with clients—but it’s not like I’m coming up with stories out of thin air. I reference interviews to project a tone throughout my pages that I reciprocate on the other pages I write. I generally write the same types of pages, dental procedures and CPA services. It’s not horrible, but it’s definitely not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to write more creative material, like this blog, and more poems, and stories. But I guess that’s just me needing to get myself into gear, and get moving towards my goals everyday.

I want to be financially free. If I were given a blank check to do anything I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I would just travel. I would go from place to place, taking photos and writing about my travels, and just living life. I always found that enjoyable. When I went overseas to South-East Asia, I remember having the time of my life.

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