Blog #004

I’m just blogging. I’m not blogging for anyone. I’m just writing stuff down, taking photos of things, and just living life. I just want to write about the different parts of my life as I progress in them. I don’t really have a purpose other than the pursuit of bettering myself. I just want to record my progress


My Spider-Man work mug at my office


I’m interested in several different things. I want to be healthy, I want to travel, I want to be financially free, and I want to be creative. I want to write, I want to read a lot, and I want to do things, like travel and go to rock climbing gyms and museums.

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately—Good Mythical Morning, Casey Neistat, and some stuff on YouTube Red. The content has inspired me to go out and do my own thing—I’m sure it’s not just YouTube that has inspired me, it’s my entire situation. It’s my life that inspires me.

The other day, I went to the Barber Shop and picked up a GQ magazine with Russell Westbrook, the point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, on the cover that was lying on coffee table while I waited to get a cut. I opened up the magazine to the article on Westbrook. The interviewer admired Russell for having a “why-not” attitude. Want to go for a run? Why not? Play for the NBA? Why not? The author of the article commented that this “why-not” attitude of Westbrook’s translated to his wardrobe selection.

The point is, I gathered all this inspiration from all these different places, and I combined them to be the person that I am today. Family, friends, books, magazines, YouTube videos; I just consume as much content as possible, and that’s who I am. And now I got all this content in me, but no one to talk to about it all. So I blog.

I want to have a creative output where I can just be me and talk about anything and everything. Maybe something I say will resonate with another reader and inspire them to do something with their life: be friendlier, be healthier, or just be better.

The goal is to get 500 words down on a page. Even if I write something meaningless; the worst case scenario is I get zero readers and I just spent time practicing the craft of writing for however long it took me to live, write, and edit the blogs I post.

I’ve already started building. I just need to keep the momentum going and try to get 500 words out every day. By next year, I plan to buy a website so I can expand my blog, and write about all types of different things: health, fitness, life, money, and the pursuit of freaking happiness. Of course I’ll continue to do personal blogs, but I’ll also write articles and produce my own content. Worst-case scenario, I get no visitors and I spend all my time practicing how to host a website and produce content.

Whether something comes from this or not, there’s something to say about taking the journey.