Blog #009

The company I work for held its annual Christmas party for its employees, and my buddy, Gil, and I both won prizes.

Gil, his girlfriend, Nicole, and I all rode in my 2005 Civic hatchback down to the far end of Temecula where the wineries are located. Each employee was given a raffle ticket upon entering the large, mansion-like building. The odds of both of us winning prizes that night must have been slim.

When the CEO of our company called my number, it felt surreal. I jumped out of my chair. “That’s me!” I said, turning to a friend sitting next to me. I took a couple steps towards the table of gifts and hit dem folk (danced).

I picked the smaller box that had a fair amount of weight to it that I thought could be some electronic. I ended up with a Fitbit Alta, which I wasn’t incredibly excited for, but still acted like it. I already have the first generation Apple Watch, so I don’t really need a Fitbit, but it’s cool that I won. I plan to sell the Fitbit and use the money to buy gifts for my family, or re-gift it if I don’t sell it before Christmas.

It’s a shame I was selected so late compared to everyone else because the other winners received Beats headphones, Bose headphones, an iPad Air, an Xbox, a PS4, and a few other cool electronics.

I’m a little disappointed. I had a chance at choosing a Samsung soundbar instead of the Fitbit, but I choose the smaller box without really thinking of what could have been the prizes—I should have went with the chair-looking gift. I didn’t want to select the large gift because a coworker I met that night said that if she had won, she would have wanted to select the large item—in hindsight, the odds of her winning right after me could have been incredibly small, so I should have just went for the item anyways.

I’m also disappointed I didn’t get the iPad Air because that’s an item I’ve been shopping for quite some time. But, I really can’t be too disappointed. At least I won something. It was exciting to be randomly selected out of about 100 employees in attendance.

It was nice to see everyone looking fresh. Everyone dressed snazzy, looking spiffy in suits and ties and jackets. Many of the women wore dressed. Scott, an employee in the SEO maintenance department, wore a black trench coat that made him look like he worked for the mafia.

All the workers mingled, and a few of them got a little tipsy off wine spritzers and bottled beer. I definitely enjoyed hanging out with a few of the friends I’ve made working at the website company.

Next year, if I’m still working for the company, and if I win again, I’m picking the chair-looking gift.