Last week I bought a monochrome Filofax in the A5 size from Amazon for $79.95. If you haven’t already heard of a Filofax, it’s leather-bound binder that holds a planner system for stationery enthusiasts. My first impressions: it’s beautiful.

img_0004What’s a Filofax?

The Filofax is basically a really expensive six-ring binder that holds special-sized paper you can really only find in niche stores or online. It’s the community that convinced me to buy a Filofax instead of a regular three-ring binder you would find at your local Target.

The Filofax I chose was the Original model in monochrome, and needless to say it is gorgeous. The white stitching contrasts the high quality black leather very well, and the white leather strap holding the signature snap button is perfect. I’ve already inputted some important dates like birthdays and my trip to San Jose next weekend.

The Filofax came packaged by the manufacturer’s cardboard protector tightly surrounded by Amazon’s cardboard packaging. Already inside the Filofax rings came the inserts from 2016, which was a pleasant surprise considering there are still three months left in the year. Inserts for 2017 also came packaged separately in plastic that I’ll store in my drawer until the New Year comes closer. I’ll place washy tape over the outdated 2016 pages to repurpose them so they don’t go to waste.

A Method for the Madness

What really encouraged me to get a Filofax were the stationery enthusiasts that have posted videos on YouTube of how they use their Filofax or faux Filofaxes. Seeing all the methods people use to plan all the facets of their lives encouraged me to do the same with my life.

We’re not all two-dimensional people, and we have many different aspects of our lives that we need to manage. I like to write, read, blog, lift weights, run, practice yoga and eat right, and all that takes time that needs to be properly planned for in order to juggle everything without having to sacrifice my sanity. The Filofax will help me manage my achievements.

Prior to this, I’ve been using a Midori Traveler’s notebook for at least two years, and that’s been a great method to write my analog journals and keep a customized bullet journal. I also constantly use sticky notes, so I don’t waste unnecessary space in the Midori or my Filofax. I plan to use the Midori as the notebook I’ll carry with me around cities and trips, while I leave the Filofax at the hotel or in my room.

img_1976Plans for the Future

Eventually, I’ll create my own inserts and develop my own Filofax style to manage my life. I also plan to learn to use excel better so I can develop my own inserts and print them using my own printer. I eventually want put a crafting table in my room so I can develop my own stuff and decorate my things until my heart’s content.

img_1982The Filofax is just a very beautiful method for planning that can probably be accomplished with a three-ring binder and a couple dividers, but I’m high maintenance and I love the quality of the Filofax. Having a dedicated planner to manage my life helps to develop good life habits while having a way to express my own style in an elegant way.