After graduating college, my parents pressured me into getting a full-time job. I hesitated to scour through job boards, thinking, “What if I’m not good enough to work these jobs.” Six years of college, a position as the Sports Editor of the school newspaper, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Literature of Writing didn’t deter my dad’s voice in my head telling me I would never find a well paying job as a writer.

Maybe I won’t find my dream job. But since then, I’ve accepted my position in life. I have accepted the fact that my dad will never think my career choice was ever a good idea, but that’s not going to stop me from pursuing what goals I have now.

I don’t blame him for thinking that, he’s foreign. And it has become a general misconception among our population that people gradating with an English degree have difficulty finding work in this field, especially if you’re not willing to go into teaching or become a librarian. And maybe that’s true, but I’m sure that’s true about everyone who wants to have an excuse. Everyone can have difficulty finding work in their field if they lack the true desire to pursue their career. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life yet, but I know I just want to share my experiences with the world, and let others share their experiences with me.

It’s really a mentality of success that gets you places. Success is wanting to achieve a goal, and taking the necessary steps to get to that goal.

There’s an obstacle people place in their mind that hinders themselves from achieving their goals when they think of failure instead of success. You put yourself in a box. You allow yourself to only commit to this one idea, thinking it’s impossible to live otherwise, and that destroys you. It enslaves you to the system. The fact that you think you can’t do something tells you that you won’t do something. Once you realize that you can do anything, your mind starts to pursue possibilities of achieving those goals.

The mind is so powerful, thinking of wanting to do something turns into doing something, which turns into something having been done.

img_1963I justified my pursuit of literature and writing to my general love for learning. My parents didn’t welcome my aspirations with open arms, but that didn’t stop me from earning my degree. I struggle for a few years trying to convince them that I knew what I was doing, even though I didn’t. It’s difficult to pursue a career when there isn’t a support system, but, again, I don’t blame them. I eventually accepted the idea that I didn’t need to know the future, and that I just needed to live comfortably on my own. I just want to make enough money to rent out my own studio apartment and buy all the food I need to pursue my goals, like exercising to be fit, cooking be healthy, reading to prepare, writing to share, travelling to experience and just living life.

Life is a combination of the narratives you read and the life you live, and then you give it all back in the form of hate or love. I’d prefer to do the latter with a blog.

I found a job writing for dentists and CPAs. It may not be the most exciting work in the world, but it’s work in my field nonetheless. It helps me to pay off my student loans, pay for gas, pay for food, and allows me to buy things I want, like a juicer and an $80 filofax organizer.

I pursued a literature and writing degree because there is more than money in narratives, there’s gold in stories. The stories may not hold much financial value, but reading another person’s narrative is like living twice.