Journal series, #2

I absolutely love the Gym. I especially love when I have the basketball court all to myself. I love running full speed from one basket to the other, and then leaping into the air towards the rim. Using all my power, I love feeling my muscles explode with energy as I clutch the basketball, and then toss the ball up, spinning it off the far edge of the glass and into the hoop. I always feel good in the gym.

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My body’s really benefitted from all the activity I’ve committed to over the past few months. I started going to the gym in April of this year, but I didn’t really start working out until June. Additionally, I didn’t start really focusing on all the different types of workouts until last month, August. My journey thus far can be summed up as familiarizing myself with the culture, because I really needed to learn all the information that goes along with working out, like proper reps, sets, weights, and so on. There’s a learning curve I needed to get over before I could really start focusing on my “gains,” as they would say.

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I’ve been on a workout program for two weeks now. I don’t know if it’s from the workout plan or if it’s from all the activity I’ve been doing prior, but, nonetheless, I feel stronger.

I’m going into the third week of the Buff Dudes’ 12-week workout program. This is the last week before moving onto the next phase of their program, concentrating mostly on the legs. I might end up staying on this portion of the program since I began working out with the goal to dunk the basketball. I know that may not seem like the best goal, but it’s been a simple, effective goal for me. From working out my legs and body, I’ve become an overall better basketball player, and I love it. Even when I achieve the goal to dunk, I know I’ll have another goal right in line afterwards to continue my journey. Dunking is just one mountain peak.

Today, I came back from the gym after working on my jumping ability. I started my workout with a light, 10-minute stretch, making sure to work the hip flexors and activate my glutes to prime my body to jump. Then, I moved on to a workout of five variations of box jumps at ten repetitions each. Next, I did four sets of ten push-ups with 60-second planks in between. And finally, I finished my workout with 15 minutes of jumping rope while listening to the Pharcyde’s Labcabincalifornia album. It’s my favorite album.

I still have plenty places to improve, of course. I want to handle the ball better, I want to have better defense, and I want to shoot significantly better. There’s always room for improvements, so after I dunk, I’m just going to have goal after goal after goal afterwards. I already accomplish mini goals I set for myself prior to every gym visit. I make sure to have a list of goals I need to accomplish before every gym visit, so I know right away what needs to be done in order to progress. I also give myself time limit so there’s urgency to my workouts, in turn increasing the intensity of all my activities.

I also have the big goal to become a vegan, so I haven’t forgotten about that. Over the weekend I watched nearly all the documentaries on Netflix about healthy eating or the evils behind many of the bigger companies in the food industry. I watched a few of the documentaries during my early undergrad, like Forks over Knives, Food Inc., and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I wanted to refresh my memory, but then found a few more documentaries that peaked my interest like Sugar Coated and Fed Up. All I can say is, factory farms are fucked up and now I really want to go vegan.

I had a conversation with my mom the other day about the juicer I plan to order on Friday. It was mostly me talking about how excited I was about the juicer. I jokingly said to her, “I want to be the healthiest man on the planet,” but I really meant it.