Journal series, #1

I found a job working at a website building company that uses SEO methods to help clients get found in their area for services they provide. Most of our clients are dentists and certified public accountants. I sit in a cubicle, writing and posting web pages for eight hours a day, getting paid a fair amount per hour. They also offer health benefits and 401k. I feel like such an adult.

I should be able to live in an apartment by myself if I really wanted to. But my first financial priority is to pay off my student debts, so living at my parents seems like a good option. As much as I don’t like living at my parents, I want to buy a few things with the extra money not having to pay rent, live easy, and learn how to be an adult before I have even more responsibilities.

I’ve been working out for a three months now. I haven’t been serious about working out, but going to the gym makes for a great pass time. I enjoy it. I enjoy being exhausted. I enjoy lifting metal weights, repeating simple a motion 10-15 times, exerting my muscles to exhaustion. I love struggling on the last rep, fighting to lift the weight to complete the set. I just started, but I enjoy it.

Untitled designI’ve recently started tracking my progress. I watch the Buff Dudes YouTube channel. Brandon and Hudson give great tips for working out. I’ve started on one of their 12-week programs, and, so far, day 2 proved good enough to exhaust my biceps and my lower back. After my workout, I couldn’t flex my biceps for a little while, which is exactly what I want—complete exhaustion.

My workout consisted of:

Deadlifts 4x(20, 10, 10, 8) at 90lbs + bar
Lat Pulldowns 4×10 at 70lbs
Single-arm dumbbell row 15lbs, 20lbs
Incline barbell curl 15lbs
Underhand barbell row 20lbs + bar
Preacher Curls 10lbs + preacher curl ba

Right now, I’m standing at 6’0, weighing between 160 and 165 pounds. My goal is to be 180 pounds with great posture, a six pack, eating vegan, and dunking—let’s just be honest. I also want to practice yoga well, which is another health aspiration of mine. I want to be very flexible and fit. I want to be the epitome of what it means to be a nutritionist. I want to be the best example of healthy and fit. My goals is to be a well educated, practicing nutritionist.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Literature and Writing from Cal State, San Marcos, but I want to pursue a career in nutrition. At first, I thought I would have to be battling for my love for writing with my love for nutrition, but I came across a man named Michael Pollan, an awesome dude who graduated with a MA in Journalism from Columbia and a leading journalist in nutrition. It makes sense. He just does research. Many of his findings have been quoted by some of the leading pioneers in nutrition, such as Dr. Andrew Weils and Michael Moss, and my undergrad nutrition professor, Kelly Billingsly—she’s one of my biggest inspirations for really pursuing a career pertaining to nutrition.

I love the idea of writing for a health and nutrition magazine. Freelancing seems like a very plausible career, especially since I’m getting a lot of practice working eight hours a day sitting behind a computer, typing page after page, and proofing material five days a week. I just need to keep inspired, writing, and heading to the gym.